Gilded Kait/RAAM Challenge

As far as the road to gears 5 achievements go, I’m glad they’re a thing. Gives more incentive to get back to Gears as we get closer to release day…
As per usual though you can’t please everybody. And today I’m everybody and would politely like the “Gilded Kait” Challenge to be amended…

Amended how exactly?

Well as of now you have to beat the campaign on any difficulty to get Gilded Kait. Not a big deal. But I feel as though adding the original “Gilded Raam” challenge to the “Gilded Kait” challenge would be far more of an incentive for those who didnt want to replay the campaign.

I already beat the campaign on Insane SOLO. So I didnt want to play through again whatsoever. I was just gonna watch the cutscenes on YouTube and call it a day, Hence the reason I avoided the “Gilded Raam” challenge, plus I’d never pick RAAM as my character so I passed. But after seeing the black phantom skins in game, I do in fact want them.

So yeah thats it. Add the “Gilded RAAM” challenge to the “Gilded Kait” challenge and make it actually worth my time. Plus it will allow more people who missed the deadline some more time as well. Come on TC its summer time I’m trying to enjoy the outdoors, pools and courts… not sit inside and replay a campaign… Make it worth my time at least.

Side Note: That footstep audio in the finished version better be A1 or yall can keep Gears 5 till it is A1. So many deaths could’ve been avoided if GoW4 had GoW3 audio.


Not gonna happen. TC have made it totally clear many many times that Gilded RAAM was a one time thing, and it was up for 80-odd days.


Another one. :roll_eyes:

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Hello there!

TC has responded to a few of these requests on reddit and twitter and politely explained their reasoning which I will paraphrase below.

If TC changed the requirements now it would upset the people that worked to meet the requirements in the alotted timeframe.

Closing thread as it has been made clear that TC will not change this.