Gilded kait coop challenge not unlocking

Me and my son just completed the coop campaign on casual to unlock the gilded kait for both of our accounts and we didnt receive anything. Is the challenge bugged like the other challenges or did we do something wrong?

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You missed that the Gilded Kait challenge is one of the five that only unlocks in August.


Hopefully it will be a retroactive challenge too. I will not go through this campaign again. Besides, I wouldn’t use her character skin regardless so it’s really no loss for me.


Yeah i had the same problem. Apparently, as AmicableWall stated it doesn’t unlock until August. The problem with that is that it does not specify it on the achievement list, only on here. I went through it again last night and wish i hadn’t unless it’s retroactive. I don’t see the need for us to play the campaign so much if there is no scoring for it.

That seems like an awful long time to wait for a simple recolor of a character

When you launch the game and the MOTD comes up, press X. This will take you to the web page that shows all of the Gilded challenges and tracks your progress for each. Five are active now the rest in August.

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My thoughts exactly. They better not make me, that’s just plain evil!

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yeah no way am I playing that bore fest again did it for Gilded Raam for Kait not so much

I just completed co op campaign last week, so in August, in order to complete the gilded kait challenge, all i got was the achievement, but no skin?

Mine unlocked after not playing the game for a month. Must of done everything needed. Makes me feel bad for those who can’t unlock GK.

Rewards sometimes take a while. Close the game and sign in again.