Gilded challeges

My gamertag is Dire Smurfy im having an issue unlocking the campain, i dusted the solo on campaign on release, just done whole coop campaign on HC and all states it has all acts finished, yet the gilded achievement is not unlocked, im re up 10 almost 11 so that was done and i did the 1m challenge, this campaign one refuses to unlock also FYI i have done a hard reset, anyone experiencing the same issue please help :cry::cry::cry:

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I’m having the exact same problem my gamer tag is Pounds T1 I completed the whole campaign on hardcore with Taunts T1 from start to finish and we didn’t unlock the achievement

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Its more annoying that they state that it will be unlocked straight away lol, its definitely wrong on their end bro i hope we get this issue resolved, im hoping its a tech issue, either that or im hoping it unlocks the next day when it gives you bountys and sugar skin.

Several people have said they have the same problem. I haven’t seen TC comment on it though they may have. With both of my accounts the achievement popped instantly upon completion. I hope it gets resolved soon. I know I’d be fit to be tied if I played through the campaign again only to find it glitched.

Same issue gappened to a friends. They left gears went into another game then went back to gears and unlocked.

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Yeah im having the same problem but my coop achievement wont unlock after i checked every act and chapter

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Completed 1 Million Points and Re-Up 10 (which unlocked), but after completing Campaign on Hardcore, I got the “Learned the Hard Way” achievement but the Gilded Raam Campaign achievement still did not pop.

I quit and restarted the game, hard reset, etc. Still nothing.

Finally I logged onto PC to see if it would pop there, and the achievement is not in my achievements list at all (?!) Neither locked or unlocked?!

Please fix or forward instructions on how to fix. Thanks!

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Same TC is ■■■■■■■ us :unamused::unamused::unamused:

Same thing happening to me, annoying.

I did the hardcore co op campaign last night and still didnt unlock it. The achievment isnt tracking properly


TgW Animal

Same Problem

All 3 done but no Gilded



I am right in the middle of the HC challenge. My friend and I are doing it every night until done. I see so many threads on this issues was wonder is it hit or miss, or will in not pop after completion.


Same thing here. Just finished it again on HC with a friend. Got all the co op achievements and complete game on HC.

what happens with my achievement of gilded ram to get the score only stays at 46% and does not raise anything and I was already several hours playing and nothing

Im having the same issue

I don’t even get progress for the 1 million points. I did 20k the last 3 matches, which should be 2%, but I’m still at 0% achievement progression.

Re-Up 10 is also not unlocking. I’m already halfway through 11.

Same problem for me and my friend! Beat the co op campaign on hardcore a couple days ago and we only got the “learned the hard way “ achievement! I’m re up 12 already bout to be 13 and already did the 1 million Xp challenge! I just want my black Phantom skins that I worked hard for and deserve! Please fix this problem ASAP! Gamer tag is T3XAS BALLER

Anyone know if or when this might be fixed? My co op achievement unlocked fine, and my score challenge started progressing fine, but then it suddenly stopped at 26% and hasn’t moved since. I wonder if it’s still tracking or if I’m just getting screwed.

my million points progress resumed few days ago, and I was able to finish it now.

It was stuck at 8% for weeks, then it jumped to 45% (which was far below what it should have been, but that’s ok), then I finished in another 1-2 evenings of ranked…

I’ve been updating and posting to a tread for about two weeks with similar issues but can’t find any solutions. I contacted TC via twitter and the responded by saying they would look into it. They then posted on twitter acknowledging and now have said everything is fixed but I am still unable to get the coop achievement & just like you this the only one I need…