Gigachad is back


The king is back, he deserves his own thread.


I love that the Locust they chose for a skin where they replace the armor textures with cooler armor textures is the one who doesn’t wear armor on half his body.


Hes perfect, hes always been my favorite. The BS Grenadier was always my favorite in gow 4.

The beast rider was always my second favorite so heres to hoping he comes back next :pleading_face:


Even though I play quickplay at best, this badass is an instant buy.

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Hes far superior to the BS locust drone :sunglasses: and might I say even better than the BS locust sniper.

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I feel like shirtless grenadier is a tryhard skin like baird lol. Maybe not as much as Kantus though.

Edit: He only got half armour too but I guess I’ll still cop since he’s a bargin.

Shirtless is definitely a try hard skin, hes been my sweat skin since UE lol.

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I missed Savage Kantus and I feel like it’s a better tryhard skin. I can break the tryhard meta by playing them in PvP :sunglasses:

Savage Kantus/Big Rig Dizzy was literally the sweat setup in GOW 3. Baird is interchangeable with Dizzy in this situation but it has to be classic baird, the horribly textured one.

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I was never big into Gears 3 pvp because I sucked even worse back then. Was Big Rig Dizzy really tryhard meta?

Yessir. A very try hard skin, Minh and mechanic were also sweaty. But Minhs always been a tryhard skin.

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@SH00BiE_D00 :eyes:

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Mechanic Baird :wink:

I guess people dont like the pre order version as much as the newer version.

I’ve never understood ‘tryhard’ as an insult.

If you’re not trying to win, the ■■■■ are you doing in PvP?

Good thing nobody used it as an insult ay? lmao

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I have to get my frustration out on people who are clearly better than me so that’s why I call em sweaty.

I also like to call them Redditors :triumph:

No offense to anybody who uses reddit.

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Minh is a sweat skin for sure. It’s easy to point that kind of stuff out but no one ever talks about how Therons attract some of the worst players known to man.


I don’t think I’ve played enough to know Kim was a tryhard skin or than therons are bad. I do recognise Myraah as a tryhard skin and that ben/lizzie players love to emote spam.

It’s just something you notice after a while of playing. Funny how GoW players have similar taste in that regard of skill lol.

Sweaty COGs

  1. Baird
  2. Anthony
  3. Ben
  4. Dom
  5. Kim

Sweaty Swarm

  1. Imago
  2. Locust Drone/All Drone type
  3. Kantus
  4. Queen

these are just my personal picks :wink:

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Jermad is an exception, RAAM and Sraak players dont exist and if they do, they just bought the game :joy: