Gib range is a joke

Proof that clown is actually an extremely obese troll lol

Wanna turn this thread into something constructive? I’ll tell you what.
The WHOLE Gnasher is a joke.
You shoot someone full chest , the shot simply goes right through them with 0% damage.
Point is , this weapon is so extremely accurate that considering it a shotgun is a bloody joke , it’s actually a dokken sniper rifle.
I mean , you can snipe someone from 8 metres away with half a clip , that’s supposed to be the Lancer’s work.
On the other hand , you cannot gib your opponent when he’s right in front of you , the shot will simply go right through them , as previously said.
The only way to make that ■■■■ work is to actually bounce like a clown and use it exclusively from cover with all the nonsense bull sheite that comes with it.

That’s because apparently , TC put all of their efforts in the tuning of that ■■■■ in order to make it reliable for pros , epileptic bouncers , and esports players.
So yes , the Gnasher gib range is a joke , since that crap is actually a sniper rifle.