Gib range is a joke

Seriously TC all you’ve done is tinkered for over a year now and accomplished nothing short or embarrassing.

All you’ve done is taken the great game of gears and turned it onto a mess of a game because you constantly try to please everyone. Instead of sticking with one set of tuning.

  • I wanna please mouse and key players,

  • then no I wanna also please controller players

  • then wait, we also wanna make the game easy enough for new players

  • now oh oops now we contradicted the first two points we set out for for the 3rd point

-okay okay let’s try to do all three at once.

Seriously!!! Its a mess TC and not to mention annoying that you don’t have the balls to stick with one thing!


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I hate that meme

I would too if I was one lol


Honestly? I’m just gonna except it at this point. Forums don’t actually mean anything, Twitter doesn’t actually mean anything, support tickets don’t mean anything, I’m tired bro…I’mma just sit down and consume this half decent game like the rest of the zombies that keep playing.

hey man look on the bright side _________ yep.

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Just gonna post here as this is the first time coming on the forum since playing ranked last night.

Can anyone tell me why people weren’t being downed with 3-4 shots from the gnasher, amounting to 90%+ damage and then they “gibbed” me from 5 meters away?

I will get round to posting some clips but what difference does it make anyway? Also I’m fed up with being killed when someone is behind me (when I’ve slid past or round them) or they’re not even facing my direction (side on).


What a constructive thread.


I’d like input based matchmaking

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You have to aim between the eyes or you will miss!

It’s so frustrating. I don’t know if it’s a pc Vs Xbox thing. I’m a controller pc player and used to thrash one of my mates in private matches, who is an Xbox player. Now he’s finishing with 20+ more eliminations every koth game. He’s not improved that much…

Yea it’s a console game. There is a hard core console buff over pc players.

Not sure of you’re being serious but I did read a while back xbox players get additional aim assist or whatever else to make up for the potential keyboard and mouse and FPS advantages.

All I know the game has become unenjoyable the last couple of months and I’ve been playing almost every day since launch.

We were all constructive for a while. But patience and being hopeful didn’t work. TC used up all constructive and positivity in a lot of us. The well has gone dry so to speak.

Blunt criticism is all they got left from many day one players. Think of it this way, I respect TC enough by telling them straight to their face that they have done a terrible job.

And anyone saying that we should still be positive about how TC has handled Gears, isn’t doing them any favors.

I will continue to speak positively about Gears 5 compared to what it launched at with what TC has done to remedy the god awful MP experience. I am hopeful for the next installment to use this game (just like 4’s end of life) as a spring board to make it better - not be a mess like every game we go from in the series’ history.

I support people still unsatisfied; this game has a lot of issues that should be addressed and patched. Also, I wasn’t directly referring to you; the whole thread is sad to read.

At the end of the day though; I hop on, I have fun with my friends, and it feels like Gears enough for me to keep coming back.

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You know… Since so many people think the gib range has changed. You would imaging these people would post a video showcasing it.

But they don’t…

They rather cry and blame the game of their own inability to improve at the game.

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I haven’t played much this OP… feels the same though. I do like seeing videos from people; really put what you perceive versus what actually happened to the forefront.

I’m no @TC_Clown wall bouncer; so I end up downing more than gibbing.

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You wallbounce like a grandma


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Wallbounce like a silver

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