Gib Range Feedback Poll - RESULTS

About a week ago, I’ve posted a poll regarding the current gib range here on the forum and one on the subreddit. Both polls asked the same question (The Gib Range is…) and presented 3 answers:

  • Too big

  • Just right

  • Too short



The redditors submited 108 votes, thanks to everyone who voted. Here are the results:

  • 43 (39.8%) voters think it’s currently too long.

  • 42 (38.9%) voters think it’s just right.

  • 23 (21.3%) voters think it’s too short.

Here’s a few opinions some of you left under the poll:

Way too big, fun gnasher duels are non-existent, it’s just a race to up A or back A

It’s absurdly large, almost every fight is an up A, strafe/bounce duels hardly exist any more.

Lol I just wish it was consistent. I find myself randomly chunking people from far away then the next time I get 77%. Personally I like the lower gib range it makes fights more interesting when you have to land more than one shot



The forum folk was not as eager to vote as redditors, but the results here are pretty interesting as well:

  • 13 (87%) voters think it’s too long right now.

  • 2 (13%) voters think it’s too short.

  • 0 (0%) thought it’s just right.


After combining the results of both polls, this is what we get:

  • 56 (45.5%) voters think the gib range is too big.

  • 42 (34.1%) voters think it’s just right.

  • 25 (20.3%) voters think it’s too short.

Feel free the discuss the results down below!

If I would of voted it would of been for Gib range is to Long, TC should make it a tad bit shorter. With that the just right crowed is kinda right also. Sometimes I feel like the opposing player has a boom shot for a Gnasher but it does level out during the match, just seems like what I’m seeing and what there seeing are to different things, like objects might be closer than they appear kinda deal. Idk if that’s a latency issue or what. What I do know is landing a good clean shot will get you Gibbed if you shot First most of the time for me.

I think the range is just right, but think the addition of a one shot down range would be good. I think less people would be salty if those 85% shots the enemy eats turned into downs.

I haven’t played in a while, but from what I remember and have seen recently it seems too long. Also, I feel that the 2 shot range is also a bit way too long.

20.3% of people should never hold any power.


I can’t even imagine why anyone would vote that it’s too short or that it’s just right currently. It’s not.

I’m able to gib people from ridiculous ranges. I shoot thinking I’m going to get poke damage, boom gib. Okay.