Gib range = down for me

Seriously it’s happening every game I’m in
I’m placing shots like tc want us to do from range . Get into the one shot kill range then boom I’ve got a down instead of a kill . Can someone explain why this happens ?
Six shots has to go , if things like this happen . You want people to “chip away “ at peoples health yet it takes 2 to 4 bullets , and on king of the hill it’s a joke having to reload a lot more .
Gib range is random in my eyes at the minute , you can be touching someone = hit markers then you die ,
Get kill by one shot and you could fit at least 3 players in the gap between you and the person that’s just killed you ,
Players opposite cover you shot them in the head you get a hit marker then then shot you back boom your dead . This update to the gnasher has just made the game feel random as hell .

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