GhostofDelta2 is locking ANY post that even slightly talks bad about the experience

Its such a shame we cant speak our minds about the game anyway we want to and have to be “shut up” by the few that are up there in the system. Here is a picture for proof its pretty crazy if you think about it! Maybe he feels too powerful with his roll? Who knows but this style of shutting people up like that should stop.Of course its ok to lock posts that get way too far I will agree with that 100% but this guy is just locking anything thats of someone saying anything remotely bad/iffy about the game. (As you can see the one that speaks down of this game is locked but the one that says they love the game is not!


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There is a main official feedback thread.

That’s where it’s best to post.

Just be constructive and follow the rules and all feedback is welcome, good and bad:


people should post all the good feed back there too then :wink: exactly.

hes locking post because there 1000s of the SAME thing because people dont know how to look at anything instead they just start a new thread


I think it’s to prevent the same topic being bought up over and over again like with eSports skins

I believe this is the main thread to discuss the tech test

I know right. I just see loads of threads locked. Its pathetic.

First the game is killed off, then the forums.

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I don’t see the issue when making dozens of threads just clutters the forums when it’s regarding feedback and TC have a official thread for it which makes it easy to read and see people’s reactions and thoughts all in one place.

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You can speak your minds! Please do, just post it where TC has said they are going to read it.

Please post in the following thread so TC can read your feedback!

Edit: I have literally a 100+ threads to go through and sort. That is why some are locked and others are not.