"Ghosting" in GoW 4 is out of control

It’s gotten to the point where there’s at least a ghost in every lobby i join, have. They given up on GoW 4?
A Ghost is someone in the Lobby who has quit the game via any other way then the main menu. They continue to stay there until either the lobby ends or the play restarts GoW 4

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I have been playing a lot of guardian in g4.
Haven’t had this happen to me yet.

But I am pretty sure they have given up on 4 :rofl:

Bring back Guardian!!!

Issue only happens in Social/Vs Ai
Ranked won’t actually start with a ghost it’ll just dissolve the Lobby

Ahhhhh I have not played social in a long while on 4. My bad.

Bring back Guardian!!!

Any word on this getting fixed…