Ghost bullets, ammount of lags, gnasher inconsistency

For a little while now, in pvp games there is so much lags during games, like freezes all the times with the wifi logos on botom of the screen which is unplayable at this moment. Otherwise, servers are absolut cr ‘p, everytipe putting in servers with around 100pings… furthermore, it happen to me Everytipe during games, these « ghost bullets », u shot with the gnasher have hitmarkers on opponent but won’t count at all !!! Finally the gib range which makes absolut no sence… one time u one shot at a X range, the next u litteraly stuck to opponent but still not down… if it is sometimes i’ll say ok… but it is every single time… makes pvp games disgusting to play. Of course i don’t talk about the ammount of other problems… e’ll see on OP4

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Yeah, TC just made bad decisions in network setups and developments. Too highly favored clients than server. But if you have high ping theoretically you are on better spot than your opponent. Ryan Cleven stated that all trajectory calculation is made on client and send to server to do sanity check.

Maybe I’ll give some example:

Imagine you are on 1v1 situation on middle map in 2v2 gnashers only playlist. You stand against enemy on center of map, none of you are in cover. You have 120 ping, enemy 30 ping. Your position diffirences on server and opponent screen.
But firstly:

And second info: 1 frame equals 16.66667 miliseconds for 60fps display.

Quick maths:
Your position in relation of server is varying from yours server position for 120 ping (7,5 frame diffirence):
A. 37,5 cm furher than on server while strafing
B. 62,25 cm further than on server while roadie run
C. 81 cm further than on server while cover bounce

And your position diffirence on opponent screen and yours screen (120+30=150 milliseconds difference - above 9 frames):
A. 46 cm while strafing
B. 74 cm while roadie run
C. 100 cm while cover bounce

This are huge numbers. And are affecting same you as the opponent. But thats physics and its unavoidable. But shots are calculated on client so it quite BS. If you shot your enemy he will be in other position on his screen than on your screen. If you shoot And if he has bounced away (in same moment) to 340cm from you, on your screen he will be at 240cm in slide animation, so you can gib him and he sees he is way outside of gib range. Unless TC has some mechanics countering it.

Also take a note that this calculations does not count in any lags and other connection and hardware problems.


Yeah… but putting the theory and numbers away, when u play, no matter if it’s your ping which is high or opponent, or whole game hosted in high ping u will see ammount of latences and MUCH more bullet inconstency. Anyway, the gnasher bullet inconstency i’m talking about isn’t linked with the highly ping differences, even with normal pings, u’ll notice an huge inconstency of gnasher damage for gib range.

I never knew these couple of threads even existed. Nice to see some numbers breaking down some of the mechanics. This would further explain what I’ve been wondering previously, at times.

But it kind of describes what is going on when you have large ping differences.

You have to remember that server decides if you fired your shot or not. If you have 120 ping and opponent have 30, if you shoot in exact same moment, on server he will shot earlier cause his shot info will be faster on server than yours. If its a downing or killing shot, you’ll see that your shot landed, but on server you were already downed/dead before your shot info was recieved by server, so you’ll be downed without dealing damage to enemy, cause you were not able to shoot.

I don’t write that you can explain everything with game networking mechanics, there are too many factors that influence smooth package flow (cpu spikes on server, your isp is having some problems, your router began to do some package buffering, your hardware problems, etc), but most of situations are easy to explain, but you have to know how networking works.

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My gnasher also doesn’t shoot sometimes. It’s frustrating. Clearly there’s some problems there that aren’t being addressed.

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Could what ur saying be the reason why bullet magnetisim is in the game?

No, magnetism was from first game in 2006. There was couple posts made by devs why magnetism is in game.