GFC - Community Nights Charity Event (Game Changer) Prizes Added

Community Nights is partnering up with Game Changer to spread awareness and help raise money for this amazing organization.

  • DATE & TIME: Saturday, August 18th - 9AM PT / 12PM ET / 4PM GMT
    Date may be subject to change


  • 9 am PT: Open lobbies with @TC_Octus
  • 11 am PT: Horde Lobbies with @anon86589457
  • 1 pm PT: Open Lobbies
  • 3 pm PT: Open Lobbies Multiplayer or Horde

More details soon

About Game Changer Orginazation:
GameChanger was started by Jim Carol and his son Taylor. A nonprofit built upon an inspiring survival story, GameChanger’s founders now dedicate their lives to helping others through their battles against life-threatening illnesses.

  • Award college scholarships to inspiring young role models who have battled through adversity, ensuring their dreams to attend university come true.

  • Give age-appropriate gifts of games, toys & electronics to children in hospitals

  • Provide resources to staff and caregivers to support the educational goals of patients experiencing long-term treatment.

Wanna join in on the action??
Please send a message with “Game Changer” to the host on the day of the event. Invites will be sent in the order received.
"Please only send one message"

:link: * Host: EVIL 0NE

:tv: Live Stream:

Donations will go towards improving the hospital experience for patients with life threatening illnesses.




  • Tier 1: $5.00 x10 Random draws

Choice of previous Mega Pack except for Esports Packs

  • Tier 2: $10.00 x3 Random draws

Gears Omen Breakable Necklace

  • Tier 3: $20.00 x5 Random draws

Gears Shirts (various sizes) – if size unavailable then will Substitute with some Mega Packs instead

  • Tier 4: $50.00 x3 Random draws

4 Mega Packs of your choice except for Esports + 1 Breakable Necklace + 1 T-shirt (pending size availability)

  • Participation prize x10 Random draws

2,400 scrap, or 10,000 credits!

Thank you TC for the support!

Game Changers threw in this amazing prize If we meet our donation goal. One lucky donator will win this amazing prize.

Gears 4 J.D. Fenix Collectors Edition Statue


I will be there in one form or another wither its in the mixer chat or playing

First prize has been added… Check it out folks and thank you to @GameChangerOrg

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Can’t wait hope I get a spot in the game this really is an awesome organization! Keep doing what you do! Xoxo


Amazing prizes on behalf of the GFC I cannot wait to see everyone on Saturday


Good luck, hope see you there guys :grinning:

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Looking forward to playing with you all tomorrow. A great event for a great cause!


Not long now everyone, looking forward to seeing you all in Game and in the chat! :blush:

Great cause! Remember, you don’t have to donate huge amounts to make a difference, Some people feel if they can’t donate much then better not to bother. Any donation, no matter how big or small, makes a huge difference.

Thank you everyone that was part of this event.
With your help we raised 450.00 to help towards improving the hospital experience for patients with life-threatening illnesses.

In the coming days I will get prizes sorted for the people that participated, and donated.
Again thank you!

Much Love

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i was so honored to be a part of this event yesterday for such a amazing cause ,Thank you Gamechangers for having such a awesome charity we could all get behind and thank you Monte for doing this you knocked it out of the park once again my friend


Great event for a great cause,too bad we did not reach the goal. Next time betterđź‘Š Still 450 not bad at all. Im happy i won a T-shirt cant wait to put it on. Thnx Evol and The Coalition

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Winners have been messaged over XBL and will distributed in the coming days…

Thank you again for everyone that was a part of the event. Means the world to me, and to Game Changers.

I will be closing this thread, and removing from pin.

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