Getting white dots on screen on pahanu

Only on pahanu map I’m getting these white dots on screen that stay there. It’s like a lense flair from the map atmosphere or something. I just wondered if this was intentional or a bug.

Don’t play Pahanu… problem resolved :joy:

Nevermind on allfathers arena also. Maybe it’s a design choice.

Oh those weird things…

Might be because of all the saturation and color in TC’s gears of war.

Might be finally messing with their rendering, now they’ll have to reduce those colors & saturation guaranteed.

Can you make screenshots from game not a photo of monitor/tv.
It looks like one of device’s electronic unit failures resulting color falsifications or even shutting down part of screen area.

It could be a reflection, but then again it’s hard to tell with “Dots” being the focus and not really lines…

It’s a odd situation, but let’s not talk about his windows past the TV screen, that’s personal life stuff.

i have it too, i thnk everyone does
is like white film grain

Lol, probably found out what’s going on.

I don’t know how old your tv is, but if you set too much contrast and saturation, you can start slowly burning your screen. In 2-5 years you can see those arches like you have on your screen, visible on allfathers screen, it’s sign of slowly dying tv.

Are talking about those squares?

Cause we’re talking about the foggy dots on the map, nothing to do with his TV.

If it would be something that could be catched through screen capture, it would be visible on every screen. Here I see his screen photo with his screen faults. I don’t see something not related to his screen errors. If you provide an image from game like Xbox game capture, then maybe I would notice what you are referring to.

Dots of mist that look out of place, that’s all I’m saying.

Ya guys it’s on everyone’s game I found out on someone’s stream who said so. So I looked at mine and it had it. I can see them on YouTube videos also. It’s hard to notice in certain maps and they blend in easily but on maps like pahanu, allfathers arena and training grounds it’s more noticeable. It’s like looking into light or the sun with camera and seeing the lense flair but the dots are Permanently on your screen.

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