Getting to know the community!

Hey guys so i was wanting to find more people to play, talk and watch with. i say watch because i also want to interact with fellow gears of war youtube channels . i want to sub to a few and comment and watch others in this community. Its really hard for me to interact with others because of people being disturbed by my condition (chronological and aquatic urticaria). So instead of hiding and feeling sorry. i really want to watch play and talk to others to something im really passionate about. i really miss the gears community. i played since gears of war 1 and my favourite times were in gears one and two where i use to play wing man with my dad and sometimes brother.
i would like to see peoples stories with gears such as how they got into the game, who they have played with. i love the game so much i had created future game concepts xd but thats for another time as i dont want to get bashed. Please leave Youtube channels below if you do content for either halo or gears of war and i will sub and check you out

Hi I’m Viking ,I’m one of the people who run the GFC, I have been into gears since 2006 and doing stuff for the community since 2010 ,I from time to time play with people from these forums ,I’m also a xbox ambassador aa,well I don’t do youtube personally but the GFC has a you tube and Twitter page @The GFC_