Getting tired of dying behind walls

Thanks to Geforce Experience, I have both my perspective on this death, and the servers. Both showed that my head was clearly behind the wall when the other guy shot the longshot, but my head popped off anyway.

I can’t count how many times I’ve died behind cover. You can’t have tense, classic sniper battles with this going on. My ping was about 30>40ms also.



Kill cams are only useful to show when someone flanks you or kills you from behind. Inconsistencies like the one on the video happen all the time.

They do help when you say wtf? How? Ohh he flanked me so the one in front wasn’t the one that killed me.

Kill cams are only useful to show when someone flanks you or kills you from behind

I know yeah, but look at the first section which was from my perspective, live in-game.

I was behind the wall when the bullet was fired. If you pause it at 0.03, you’ll see that my head was behind the wall before he fired.

This is the frame before death:

I don’t know what else to say.


The games servers aren’t setup for balance, best ping is going to destroy all day. Not sure if you ever played PUBG but it suffers from this to. It’s called Dsync on there. It’s server related, their servers aren’t that good.

Yep, played PUBG before and have had it happen. I’m aware of the term too. Doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

But “best ping destroying on Gears” is extremely debatable. High ping players are sponges in every Gears game since (and including) Gears UE.


I know, I’ve seen that bs maby times so that’s why I mentioned it being inconsistent and only useful to show you something you never saw in the first place.

Wheren’t the 60 tick servers supposed to fix all that crap? Sure looks to be a standard 20-30.


I know, I’ve seen that bs maby times so that’s why I mentioned it being inconsistent and only useful to show you something you never saw in the first place.

I hear you. My main evidence was just the initial part of the video though, from my perspective (non death cam). I only included the server version because it was actually accurate to what I saw on my screen before I got killed.

Wheren’t the 60 tick servers supposed to fix all that crap? Sure looks to be a standard 20-30.

It certainly should help. I’d like to see a video from battlenonsense though, to confirm if they really are running at 60hz.


Going against 120+ Pingers will sponge shots and weird stuff happens for sure.


Always happens to me. I’m hiding behind a corner and the dude is on the other side and just shoots a random shot past the corner and somehow the bullets hit me and I get gibbed


It’s very common, you can be behind cover for over a second and still die from something.


I’m a higher ping player. Not stupid high though. I usually have 70-95 ping, it Varys, the area I live in has bad internet, and the online is super hard for me to push people with a ping under 50, I’m dead even if I make it to cover. And the relation between this game and PUBG is that they both use the same style of servers. And the servers suck is what I was getting at. Believe me I know it’s frustrating, I’m not arguing merely agreeing lol.


Happens to me all the time as well. I’m usually at 30-40 ping and I’ll get down by a Shotgun while I’m getting into cover or going behind a wall. I know it has to do with these ■■■■ servers and terrible hit boxes.


I is even worse when the live play shows it. And you are capturing video and can still see what the kill cam shows. But even then I have been killed by players who shot after I moved behind cover with no line of sight. And yeah, it was the player across the map who kept shooting.

Though that matters little. I was in a match and put the drop shot right on the player. Got a hit marker while they stood their and hard aimed my teammate down.

I hear things about ping. I get amazing ping. And then I get someone with an average ping or high ping, just like in 4, just dominate because they literally can be shot and not take a hit. Then you get told the best ping has the advantage.

It really is much worse than 4 in terms of this stuff. I have had players slide to cover directly across from me. Shot without me visible directly behind the other side of the column. And it is like the shot curved around the column and I die. I tried it myself. I slide to cover on a column with the player on the other side and shot. Live gameplay and I miss and get a kills.


it’s lag

do you really think people are shooting through walls?

That’s what Dsync means there chief.

Great post.

I just had a game of koth and there was one high ping player (150>200ms) and he was practically impossible to kill.

He was a walking sponge. Three of us charged him and had a shotgun battle. Each of us landed a direct hit on him from gib distance and we did a total of 90% damage and he killed us all.

One of those players shots didn’t even register.

It was absolutely miserable and he was basically able to control the ring by himself as he was so damn hard to put down due to sponging shots.

I don’t think I’m going to be able to tolerate this nonsense much longer.
Sure every game has issues, but gears is pretty much the only game that actually favours the high ping player. Due to the overly favourable lag comp.

I’ve had games of pubg where my ping was high due to an unnoticed download, and I was at a huge disadvantage.

In gears you just turn into a sponge. Smh

They should provide an option to limit the maximum ping of your teammates and opponents. I’d rather wait 10 minutes for a match, than to endure a game of enemy sponging.

I think this is the only viable option, as they clearly have no interest in changing their views on this subject.

Don’t forget, this is the same company that believes 250ms is acceptable to pair with <60ms ping players. They have stated this.

Just to be clear, I have absolutely no problem if I’m outplayed. If someone beats me, fine. It’s a learning experience.

But if you get killed unfairly because the enemy ate the shot, then that’s not being outplayed, it’s being robbed.

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The server tickrate is horrible no way this is 60 hz
Battlefield 3 felt more responsive with its crappy servers at launch

Both me and my friend died behind walls to a longshot multiple times.

its sometimes server lag, and some times its console players aim assist

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Yea, the dying behind walls things is annoying. But you know what’s more annoying? The game not even registering your input on your enemy with 50> ping. Now that… that’s what really gets my blood boiling. At the end of clip, you can see that the kill cam doesn’t even show me knifing on the servers side, but on mine, I knifed his throat out.

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the crazy thing is on their screen when they shot you, you weren’t in even the frame and can clearly see the hit marker to the side of the post, it isn’t just solely a PC thing as I get it quite frequently on console, in fact if there is a player with high ping, I can not even use the sniper

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