Getting "the hammer" card

I want to knw if anyone is having trouble getting this card or am I just that unlucky? It’s seems to be bugged or I’m very unlucky , i have play Lizzie for the past few days now and I have got one card it’s only level 2 and getting a bit annoyed with the system atm. I’ve spent coins upgrading the card but got the card when I log in for the very 1st time in op4.

I don’t think it’s a bug. Maybe you run out of luck. Try grinding on escape on master difficulty it’s the best way to get legendary cards, especially on Surge or clock.

There are certain cards I never get. It’s really strange. For me, Blood Resonance with Kait. My Healing Jolt with Kait is at a higher level (5) and that card has only been out 5 weeks or so.

OMG the blood resonance card for Kait! Mine has been on 5/10 since op2. Yesterday on surge I got 8 in a row. WTF???

Try playing hives on Master. Also, try playing hives that you dont have all the bonus cards for (you can see that when you select the difficulty). Playing those hives may be a little more difficult than a Surge or a Clock run, but it can break up the monotony. Plus it gets you more cards.

Apart from that, it’s all RNG. Some days you will play 10 masters and get one legendary and some days you will get 3 in one run. Sometimes it’s just luck. But play enough and it will eventually turn good.

I’m having similar luck to you. It sucks. But the chances of getting a rare card are low and now the chances of getting the right rare card cut that low chance in half.
If they ever let you cash in cards that you can’t use it might get easier to buy up - but by then they’ll have added other new cards too so the struggle goes on and on…

My 1st lvl 6 card for kait was the legendary one, it wasnt even unocked when op4 came out. But then she only has 1 legendary card.

My gf has received the hammer card 4 out of every 5 horde frenzy advanced we’ve played I think, sometimes two cards in one match. And she doesn’t even like the dropshot. Just luck I think.

If you play The Clock on Master you’ll get that card up no problem. The Clock has a great drop rate for Legendaries.

Key thing is, get a good squad together so you can do constant runs, back-to-back.

Yes he’s right, farming The Clock on Master Difficulty is where I got most of the Hammer skill cards, because it doesn’t seem to drop that card in Horde very often.

I had lots of trouble getting it to 6 i spend a whole Afternoon and it droped like 2 times so i spend 24000 coins to get it from 5 to 6

It’s been happening to me too im very unlucky getting the hammer card for liz.