Getting suspended for being booted

Why am I booted from a lobby or game and given a 30minute penalty when i didn’t quit. This is getting absurd.


Because that’s the quit penalty.

We’re you booted mid-game or before the match even started?

Before it had even loaded into the game.

Ah, gotcha.

Yeah, I’ve had that happen once and my friends have also experienced it. I don’t have a problem with being suspended if it happens during a match but I can’t understand why they’d implement it for when lobbies dissolve.

Get used to it.


I shouldn’t have to get used to being banned from playing a game I paid for.

everytime these clowns have some event, its always the same. the sunday before the event ends, they have a bunch of server issues. its been happenin all week actually…clowns :clown_face: since day one…the clownalition.

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