Getting so disturbed by all the quitting

the last 13 of 20 rank games ive played someone has quit… killing my rankings please allow join in again… ranking system for solo player aint is a detrimental. 4 our ranking …the quitting is beyond outrageous … forget about the ranking systemm…its no fun anymore…PLEASE ALLOW JOIN IN AGAIN :::LORD HAVE MERCY

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For someone in your shoes, isn’t Social just perfect for you? People can join in progress and you don’t want a ranking system.

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You’re just now getting annoyed with the quitting?


Social doesnt have competitive shotgun.

Posts like this is exactly why players team up. Would rather go in with a team then go solo only to be left 2v5 or 1v5.

Competitive Warmup does.

Social is not an answer because social is mostly low level competition. I hate feeling like I’m bullying people and I find myself leaving social lobbies just because I feel like I’m ruining people’s fun.

I ran several KOTH today and every one of them had quitters and server kicks. Up the penalties and get your **** together TC so that the servers aren’t constantly kicking people. I’m getting server kicked daily at this point and voice chat is uninterrupted so I know it’s not my internet.

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