Getting roll on a button by itself

Ive said it before and I wish this would get some traction. Combining the “emote” action onto LB with tac-coms would free up things to do some pretty cool stuff. My preference would be to then break roll off the cover slip action and put it on the emote stick. That way no more deaths by inadvertent roll.
But you could instead split chainsaw and reload up. Putting chainsaw back on B and moving melee to the emote stick…or vice versa.
You could very easily make the emote diagram so that it didnt get in the way of seeing anything on the tac-coms screen. Make the diagram either small or transparent. This seems like it should be very easy to implement.

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I play tournament and I 100% AGREE WITH THIS. I can not tell you how many times I’ve died because of a misroll. Considering how TC caters so much to the causuls rather than hardcore fans I don’t expect them to help us out, But would love to see roll/evade binded to its own button.

@Saucy_Sauce5878 thanks. I would love this binding. Ive thrown this out a few times thinking I would get a lot of support…but nobody seems to really care…its odd

I just want an auto-run button. My pinky hurts from holding shift. I imagine it hurts from holding a button on a controller too. Lots of games have this. With how often we’re running why not give us this?

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