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Getting ripped off

I’m not sure if somebody has already posted about this but…

I’ve been thinking about how the boost depletes. Boost should only be depleting for game time actually being played… especially if it costs money. It’s not fair that if I have to work or do other stuff that is involved in life, the boost I might pay for depletes without me even getting to use it.

Another thing I just noticed with this 3 day boost they gave us… I had 8 more hours on a day boost I was using, and when I received the free 3 days my 8 hours was just sucked into the 3 I have now. So I lose 8 hours just because they give me 3 free days? Not even 3 days… technically just the weekend. Anybody else have anything to say about this?


If this was the case boost would be sold differently. If you buy 30 days of boost and it only counted for the actual play time they it would last forever.

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No it wouldn’t… it would be 720 hours of play time. That’s not forever. And that is an actual month of boost. Not whenever I can get on to play as it depletes for the 16 hours out of the day normal people can’t play because of sleep and work or whatever else. They are taking advantage of the fact that people will waste two thirds of that time because of life. That’s not fair. I can’t believe you think it is… you must have spent money already.


Stop acting like you’re entitled to boost. Life sucks, we know. If it’s a big problem then dont buy it or maybe stop doing life things and play Gears 5 for a month straight


Haha. Ok. How is me wanting what I might pay for being entitled? You are obviously ignorant. And I’m not spending a dime on this broken game. All they want to fix is the issues with monetization. I still see a ton of gameplay bugs that have been there since day one. I wonder why the gears community is dead? Oh yea, cause they care more about money rather than listening to the community and keeping their fans happy. Keep brown nosing TC.


I havent spent a dime on anything extra for this game. I wouldnt buy boost because to me its worthless as I plan on playing this game for a long time.

So what your saying is when you buy a monthly plan it should only be used when you are actually using it. Netflix should only count my month when I actually watch. Spotify should only count when I actually listen to it.

720 hours of actual play time is a lot. Sorry if you took my “forever” literally.

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Ok man , first we are not being paid to help people in these forums , neither the performance acts we do here to entertain people… we do it for free.


That argument doesn’t really work… you could watch Netflix all day and listen to music when you’re at work or wherever a lot easier than gaming… and I only pay for Spotify and I pretty much have it playing 24/7. Wouldn’t pay for it otherwise. And Spotify has a free version…

How does it not work??? Maybe you have it going 24/7 doesnt mean every one does.Also thats why I gave another example besides Spotify. By your logic you if you buy a subscription to something then it should only count when your using it.

Your also acting like 30 days of boost is your only option. If you only have 1 day to play then buy the 1 day boost if double xp is that important to you.

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Um… I’m talking about TC caring more about money… I can tell you pay attention.


im sorry man… I thought you were referring to the community here…

but yes @ll_R_E_D_l has the right point … if you pay for something you get it , if time passes by it will get shorter and you won’t be able to use it.

The logic its correct.

30 days is the only option that would even be considered worth it. It’s all a rip off. This game shouldn’t even be a micro transaction game. Microsoft killed it by putting it on gamepass.


Most people will never play this or most any single game for 720h. Thus 30 days would indeed be forever for them.

More to the point, every single game or service that I know of with such boosters or subscriptions or what have you tick away the time constantly, not just when you’re playing. It’s simply the standard, and complaining about a specific game not doing it differently is just silly.

don’t buy boost man… instead pay for spotify or disney plus and that’s it man .

why dont you do that ?

the game is as it is, nothing we could do about it. only TC FOLKS can.

I won’t be buying boost. And it’s not the same. This boost is meant to save you time… that’s it. At least I get movies and music with Spotify and Netflix.

You’re only getting the movies and music if you watch/play them. You’re only getting the Gears boost if you actually play the game. What’s not the same, again?

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ok man cool…

Whats worth it to you might not be worth it to someone else.

People need to get over the MTX in GEARS At this point theres been more Gears games with MTX than ones without Gears 3,4,5, judgment all had them. Microsoft didnt kill it because its on gamepass. MS is trying to get gamers to subscribe to GP because its more beneficial to them. All MS first party games will launch on GP. Forza Horizon 4 is doing amazing and its been available since day 1 on GP.

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Then how would that hurt TC? If somebody doesn’t play that much they won’t be buying boost anyways. And for people who will be playing forever and know they will, they won’t be either… they aren’t hurting any of the ignorant people who would actually spend money for more boost because they will play for more than 720 hours.

You are right with this request, boasts should only to deplete when you play but that wouldn’t earn tc as much money so that won’t happen.