Getting put on US servers?

Why does the game put me in a match on US servers with ~120 ping?
In every other game I play on US servers, I have hardly any issues with latency and most matches are fine.
It’s only with gears that I’ll fire, see the flash, end up dead and have nothing happen. Or, I’ll dodge a shot and on the kill cam it doesn’t even register I dodged.
I don’t try hard anymore so it’s not really a big deal but it is frustrating being unable to kill a player with a low ping and getting trade-offs at best when you know you were quicker with movement or shot.

It’s because Microsoft doesn’t care enough about this franchise to allocate the server infrastructure and resources needed to give all users a smooth experience.

Also, people don’t take personal responsibility when managing their entertainment options


I live in the US and all my games are with Mexicans who only speak Spanish.