Getting one star for Tod after game

Can someone explain this to me, started playing again and noticed this. Something to do with boost or just a new thing they put in?

You mean an extra star just for finishing a game? I’m not aware of a change like that. Was it from the daily objectives maybe? I finished my tour a bit ago, so I can’t check.

I also got this on my first game yesterday, hope it happens again today.
If this is a cool new bug, watch tc hotfix by tomorrow.

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Yeh every game i finished I got a star for

Interesting. That’s pretty useful for anyone needing to finish the tour still.

The people I was playing with got the same I’m pretty sure

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I do recall them mentioning a way where you gain stars for just playing a few update posts ago.

Will have a ganda

That’s pretty cool, if it’s intended. Now we just need for extra stars past General to convert to XP or something useful at least.

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