Getting my ranked striped and getting ban from playing because your servers are garbage

Same thing that was going on in gear 4 is now going on in gears 5, it’s really pissing me off that because I’m being booted from a game because your servers are garbage and I get penalized for it? How does that make any sense at all what so ever, I live in seattle I have 1 gig internet I test my internet regularly my play station works perfectly fine, other games work perfectly fine on xbox but as soon as I play gears I get put on servers where my ping is over 60 constantly last I checked Microsoft owns gears and it’s in the town of Redmond about 30 miles from my house, yet when I get on every one in the lobby has pings around 100 and up and I’m on servers no where near me, why is this? Its rediculous , why am I getting my ranked stripped away for this? I didnt quit the match I got kicked out and it has nothing to do with my internet connection it’s all on the gears of war servers, I’m so livid about this, you punish people and ban them from playing because your servers are crap and kick me out of the game giving me an error message, why cant you make a product that works properly before releasing it to the public? I get punishing people for quiting out of a match but that’s never the case when I catch a ban it’s me getting kicked off from it being too laggy it’s not my fault yall cant provide proper servers for your game so why are you punishing me for it? I seriously wanna punch some one in the face right now of who ever thought this out, theres some dude in some office thinking “hey let’s just put them in a game as fast as we can with no regard for connection and when we mess up and they get dropped from the game cause they are on a server they never should have been on in the first place, lets go ahead and ban them from playing all together and then to top it off let’s strip them of their rank too” what the hell is wrong with you people , yall need to stop focusing on the gloss of your game and focus more on the mechanics you have extremely pour ethics, you are lucky that in America you cant get sued for selling a product that doesnt work properly and treating your customers like garbage

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Yeah getting pretty ■■■■■■ tired of getting owned by people with ■■■■■■ connections. I average about 40-55 and get absolutely throttled by players 100+. Since when did having a good connection dictate you being at a disadvantage? Backwards ■■■ garbage. This is the main reason I hate pvp. I’ll admit I’m not the greatest player and I’m not above losing a match if I’m playing like ■■■■ but to lose because I have a better connection than the other player is bogus. When I do need to play pvp for certain challenges I go to arcade simply cause I don’t need to be penalized for being dropped out of a match personally man I think you should just do yourself a favor and stay off ranked for now it’s not worth it.

This hasn’t happened to me yet. But in gears 4 this always happened, it got so bad the penalty stacked up to 30 days, then I made a new account.

I agree, it’s dumb.

But, more than likely people will respond just telling you that you’re the problem and you getting disconnected is ruining the game, thus telling you that even though you bought the game, you don’t deserve to play it.