Getting large suspention times for game crashing on pc

Im trying to play gears 4 on the pc first time ive played a gears game on pc ive played every gears sooo i wanted to experience this one on good settings wellllll its not playable considering the game is always crashing i can never get a full game in and all my drivers are updated windows 10 is updated and now i have a 2 hour suspicion over something i have no control over and ive looked around for fixes have tried them all nothing seems to work even tho this games been out for years its really killed my hype for gears 5.

It certainly is frustrating.

I had a 1080 for most of gears 4’s life, so I feel your pain. Nvidia have collected a heap of crash dumps from people recently and hopefully will finally fix this issue once and for all.

Turn Off Asymmetrical Compute and Dynamic Resolution.

If you have GSync gaming monitor, Vertical Sync OFF and Motion Blur too.

I run game on Ultra Settings everything on 4K resolution and 90-120fps refresh rate. GPU is Zotac 1080Ti Amp Extreme.

Drivers are updated to newest ones and all problems rectified. Game doesn’t crash to BSOD or restart at all.

Even if you still have problems, you can roll back drivers to 382.51 or something like that, I’d have to check.