Getting kicked offline while trying to play versus/horde

i keep having issues with getting kicked off my internet just when playing this game only i dont know what to do it happens when i try to play public only versus and horde i replaced my modem box to an updated version and i still get knocked off line, any1 have this problem and hopefully a fix? :frowning:

PC or Xbox?

oh sorry forgot to mention its PC

Is there a specific error message that you get?

the only message i get is i was removed from the match because the connection timed out

What region are you from?

us, i found an article something about BIGELOWE but i dont know if that could be it, my nat type is open the last time i checked

Here is an article on Xbox networking. Bunch of little things that may or may not help with this particular issue but in the long run allow your Xbox to communicate better with the online services. It will basically show you how to setup a static IP for the Xbox, and then port forward all of the necessary ports for Xbox Live…

Like I said it may or may not help…

ill give it a go and see if itll help thanks

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