Getting dropped by melee in gears is humiliating

I have been playing gears heavy since gears 3. One thing always bothered me was how I could get shot in the face 20 times but the one time I get a gun stock to the face I go down. That has to be the most frustrating and stupid part of playing. Seriously this needs fixing.

Have you seen their arms tho?


Id rather get meleed in the newer gears over gears 1. its a death sentence in 1/ue.
getting punched by Cole or like RAAM is like getting hit by a train at full speed.

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These guys are actual chads with enormous muscles and high amounts of testosterone. Don’t feel too bad


I wonder how much power Kait or Sam or Anya have in their arms.

Anya is the world slapping contest champion :sunglasses:


Have you considered playing Lahni?

I think Lahni would be the strongest tbh


for sure, no doubt in my mind.

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Certainly not Lizzie with her noodle-arms.


Dont underestimate her :triumph:

You aren’t wrong tbh

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You’re a COG Soldier and decided to take the challenge of a slap off with First Minister Anya. You let her go first doubting the hands and before you realize it you wake up as a Spartan.

Damn I was really smacked into a better life

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Man do you remember the two piece back then

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Jokes on you, you wake up as Jorge from reach :pensive:


Alright you got me
being on Reach is equally a nightmare I guess

Unless youre 6 :sunglasses:

If youre Kat then it sucks lmao

Gears 5 melee is very mild. Gears 1,2, and Judgment 2-piece. Now that’s something to write home about.

“Don’t let my noodle arms fool ya” -Mac

These dudes in gears are pretty beefy tho

Just play with the Batista skin! Dude shakes off the melee hits, and then drop em with a Batista bomb… you gotta just make sure that the animal is ready!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: