Getting Diamond in 5 playlists is going to be impossible, especially for PC gamers

This crashing on PC is so aggravating, and the fact that ranked is almost dead pretty much makes getting the Diamond Scion impossible. It would have been much easier to get the Scion back in Season 3, but, it’s not looking so do-able right now.


It takes me 10 min to find a match but when I party up with players and let them host it goes by a lot faster. Still a bad port however and crashing is a real big issue.

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Yeah a lot of people turn off cross-play matchmaking so I understand the struggle but the way to go is definitely to get a full squad.

I’m more of a solo type player, but the experience definitely is much better with a full squad, as I found out today.

Me and my friends are playing ranked everyday, drop me an add and I’ll happily get you in for a few games every now again if you want.

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Sure thing, hope it’s okay to be silent, don’t like using the mic to communicate outside of playing with IRL friends.

That’s fine no worries.

Sometimes, silence is appreciated :laughing::v:

Yup! The kills flow like water, and 6k in 3 months is too easy. Finding ranked games of Dodgeball/Execution on pc? That’s pretty much impossible. :unamused: