Getting banned due to glitches

Since the last update I have received three 15 minutes bans because of glitches in the game and not because of quitting. This is far worse than at any time before and I am worried I will end up with a long term ban. TC need to fix their matchmaking. Twice I have searched for a match, not in a party and then been kicked to the menu once a lobby had been found with the end result of a ban. Is any one else experiencing this?


TC have gotten a few reports of this on the forums. They said they are investigating.

Cheers. Just tried to find a game after my ban and two lobbies have collapsed “due to player quitting”. Not sure this many players are quitting. Will prob get another ban soon and will just give up.

Edit … 5 lobbies have collapse on me now. If I try to quit matchmaking whilst it is searching for a game I get the message that if I quit I will get matchmaking penalties. I give up.

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Same here. I hope someone is monitoring the errors. At one point I waited for over 20 minutes just for the game to kick me out. then lobby went on collapse loop and I couldn’t get out or I would get penalty.

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just got a 15 minute ban for “quitting”.
the lobbies just collapse and I get punished for it. i just want to do the 20 rounds challenge for the skins


Ive had this same issue tonight, tried to play through it then go a 30 minute ban. These guys suck.

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I just got a 15min ban for quitting when the match booted me back to the main menu. I’m uploading the video currently and not very happy about it… What’s the deal? (inb4 “net neutrality lol”)

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Got me and my fiancé as well 15 minute ban after kicked to the main menu.

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Footage of the ban as it happened:

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I played one game got kicked out and now im suspended for 3 hrs how those that even happen ?

This game is worthless all the lagging now this

Same issues here on PC. Lobbies often break and I get banned. Every update makes Gears more and more worse on PC. TC get your code fixed!!! If gears 5 is as bad it should never be released.

Same here. In a 5 stack loaded in to the map, everyone is visible on the leaderboards and back to the main menu. Resulted in a 15 Minute Ban. I was the only one in my team who got the 15 Minute ban. Happened already twice at me.

Whenever I tried matchmaking recently especially at night, it kinda glitches or bugs.
The countdown doesn’t count downwards but upwards.
I hear a lobby created in background but my screen hadn’t changed to the lobby interface.
And when the countdown goes down to 0 and Map is supposed to load, I’m still staring at my character and minutes pass by without the Map loading.
Couldn’t press anything to go back or anything, so had to restart my game.
In other cases, it says I will get penalty if back out of lobby.
But I’m not even going anywhere, and end up backing out.
Still no penalty anyway, but concerned I would get one when matchmaking is messed up.

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I understand everyone’s concern with this, but from my understanding if the lobby dissolves and
you wait till you’re returned to the main menu, and let it start matchmaking again you wont get a suspension, but I know this is floating around where you still get a suspension. I have been doing waiting till I’m returned to the lobby, and let it start match making again I haven’t had a timed suspension yet…

But… I know TC is also investigating this, and working to resolve it.You should never get a suspension if the lobby dissolves. I am sure it’s frustrating for all of you. They are aware and confirmed it’s still in progress.

So I was trying to play some rankwith my friends and we joined in a game and someone from the other team left and it causethe game to lobby dissolve. And then me and my friends gets a 10 minute time ban. It bad enough that people make the lobby dissolve but you mean to tell me that TC doesn’t know the deference of lobby dissolve then actually leaving (rage quitter).

That’s a first for me. That’s some straight b.s. that you got hit with a ban for that. I’ve only seen the lobby disolve pregame. Never after the map has loaded. Crazy.

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I know it really is not fair. I hope this doesn’t count on for an 90 day ban I never leave even if I know the team wouldn’t win.

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I’m the same way. The only time I quit is when someone else does first and the option becomes available. So you’re a bit more noble than me lol. But I’ll never quit 1st.

I’ve been told that if a lobby dissolves and you get this message stay until you find a game regardless of how long it might take and once the match is complete you wont have to worry about a penalty.

I tested the theory and it works.