Getting a lot of kills, or just winning?

When you play Horde - do you care about how much damage done you have?
When you play Escape - do you get irritated if you’re in 3rd place?
When you play Versus - do you care about how many eliminations you get, or how far from the top you are?

Or is it all about just getting that win?

For me, I’m all about the win. I would rather have barely any kills, but contribute to my overall team success by playing defensively oppose to offensively, especially if it’s what fits the team strategically.


Well some of those are in the TOD so yeah, some people do care about those.

Do you know what they call the guy who graduated from medical school with the lowest GPA?



It depends of mode. In Horde and escape it’s not matter of killing as it does not counts as much for level as getting ribbons and time spent during match, but you have to win to get 100% reward.
In versus it’s not that simple as it looks, but the main goal is to win, second goal is to have so much points to gain some skill points. It’s correlated. If you win with and gain 0 points, it’s little disappointing, but better win than loss.

Sometimes. It depends which character I’m playing. It does not matter when Jack. Kait could get MVP, killed most in Chain but less damage than JD who also killed less. It might be worth looking at and comparing, when playing an Engineer, Kait with Shotguns and on Bosses, Fahz, Marcus… etc.

No. This does not matter.

Eliminations matter when it comes to Tour Objectives. Eliminations with Rifles… etc. Don’t care about being top.

In the end, it’s supposed to be about winning and having fun. Being little competitive in Horde is okay.


In Vs

Win [=Team] > Elims [=For Self]

If you have it the other way around, you’re likely more concerned with your own personal performance than winning as a team or put another way…will be ok losing games as long as you get MVP. Glad they changed it so you don’t even get that no more lol

Just aim for both dammit, keep it simple!

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When I care about TOD then I set myself up for success under controlled circumstances and get what I want then quit.
When I care about winning then I play to win.
I don’t get mad when my TOD objective for escape matches doesn’t go up after beating a horde match - if it was the most important thing to me at that time then I’d have played escape (to win) and if other TOD objectives fell into place as well then that’d be gravy.

I prefer to win in versus and be mvp, anything else is simply not good enough in my view,

Escape and horde is coop so kills, damage etc dont really count.

The only time I really care about my performance much in a match in Horde is if I am getting bored because someone else is getting all the kills and not leaving much else to do there. Otherwise, not so much.

Or if I happen to be the one to have to do most of the work in an Escape match if my teammates aren’t great, it isn’t particularly relevant otherwise(even if not very entertaining if I’m one of the three who isn’t doing a lot, not out of fault of not trying).

Nah I’m fine. I don’t need my existence to be validated by a video game. It’s all about clearing the map/hive/whatever. I can accept there are better players than me, and I just don’t have the energy or desire to the best in the world or whatever. If I’m having fun then that’s about all I can ask for really.


This is almost a carbon copy on how I view this. Great point.


The only one I really care about is VS. I’ve always been a solo queue player, so if I am low down on the board, I feel like I’m letting my team down. If I’m higher up I don’t really care.

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I’m happy either way OP,Win/lose on horde ,I’m happy,If I don’t get many kills,I mark the enemy.I play to relax,But I try my hardest to reach wave 50/And get some kills

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I only care about kills if it’s a tour objective. Other than that I just do my best.
Horde and Escape are different though. I can’t keep playing for long enough to get to round 50 in Horde, and every time I play Escape the other players quit.

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It kind of looks like my direct wording could sound judgemental or condescending but I didn’t mean to be that way. I was trying to show that you can care about TOD and care about winning separately to benefit from the chosen focus and potentially overlap TOD with winning just by letting it happen.
My focus was more pedantic than personable and it showed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

As of right now, wins in PVP count the most to me, with a limited war journal hopefully one day I will be able to see my wins to lost ratio. Nothing else to Grind for ATM.

I solo queue mostly also. It drives me insane (solo) if I’m on the bottom and having a bad game. My first goal is to do anything I can to help and get that W. Second goal is to get out the cellar by end of the game. It does happen sometimes and I feel like you I let the team down. Than the icing on the cake will happen a PM saying"Trash" in English and Spanish LoL.

This is exactly how this game should be played. It’s about having fun. I’ve been having fun playing this game since day one and still going. My care factor is “0” when it comes to be MVP and getting the most kills. I’m horde/team player all the way and as long as we get to the end, that’s all that matters to me…Unless I’m Fahz, than I like to have a few kills hehehehe

This gotta suck, lol. But at least you were trying to give it your all.

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In Horde and Escape my goal is to complete the map/hive. Nothing else matters as long I contribute to that overall goal in some way.

The number of kills matters not. Kills are for noobs.

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