Gettin' Jacked!

So idk where everybody else stands on this but I wasn’t overly fond of the Swarm being able to “hijack” the Deebees mainly because I feel the Swarm are a formidable force in their own right without the need of taking over bots. Having said that though I’m left wondering why can’t Baird implement some kind of anti-hijack program into the Bots to make them self destruct or something when they are taken over? And if all the bots are hooked into one system wouldn’t the Swarm be able to infect everything connected to that system or whatever? Like after taking over one they could just infect the whole program or whatever and take them all over. I thought maybe it worked in terms of like leeches just shut down and then reanimated the Deebees to control them but then I remembered that in Gears 4 Jinn Bot was corrupted by a pouncer quill. Also if the Swarm are all connected by a hive mind or whatever couldn’t the COG effectively do something similar to them? Take one of them and use them to shut down the hive mind?

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