Get series x at launch?

Not just for gears but do you get new systems at launch or are you afraid of bugs in the system and wait?

Yes and no

Yes you wait for the bugs?

Hi man I think Ill wait for the xbox series x until February , until then Ill buy it

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Gona wait till release before I bother


i’ll wait until the inevitable special edition of both the new xbox and Nvidia’s new graphics cards, because we all know a 3080 ti/super will release in a year

i assume there will be a gears 6 xbox series x and maybe even a cyberpunk series x

i saw the pictures of the xbox series x and like donald trump said " ITS HUGE " man hahahahaha :smiley:

VISA/ MASTERCARD will help us get that masterpiece man .


Lol it’s only gona be bout £500, won’t need the credit cards 4dat

The 3090ti tho, yea, maybe

An I don’t think the new Xbox is really that big

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Just going to wait til Autumn 2021,(For the new Xbox series),Just going to play my console Xbox one x ,not had it long enough to just trade it in for the new console.

you’re right man … I’m waiting for a special edition of the seriex X so I can make the jump.

looks pretty nice though.

Unless I get a better tv I’ll just get the S

Not getting it. If you have a One X you have a capable enough machine at your hands and unlike a PS5 there is no real incentive to get a Series S/X whatsoever, at least to me personally, until support of the One stops.


Im getting it. And its more so for assasins creed Valhalla.

Already saved enough to pay in full.
Trying to start saving for ps5 now
Not worried about bugs. There is a 1 yr full warrenty and if it has SERIOUS ISSUES they usually extend the warranty by 6 minths to an extra yr

Waiting Atleast a year maybe longer. Let the other people be test subjects for all the bugs. Plus, the games aren’t even going to be that impressive for a year or two to even bother caring.

Ps5 on the other hand…

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Im gonna wait a while before I get the series X. So far I have seen and heard nothing about the series x that makes me think I should get it. There is also the obvious bugs that will present at launch so waiting a while will definately be more benificial in my opinion.


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Honestly there will be few games that can take advantage of the power initially.

With the delay of Halo, there is less incentive to upgrade.

I think when Halo Infinite launches, you might get a chance at a limited edition version.

How many years did it take for them to do something about the 360 red ring of death? I went through about 9 of those. I had two, one as a permanent spare when the other had to go back under warranty.

The 360 release was rubbish and the Xbox one wasn’t any better. Over priced and with the Kinect, it was the future apparently. Price dived after Christmas.

Pricing on these new ones seems good but Xbox just doesn’t have any big exclusives I’m interested in anymore. I think it’s a bad time to be releasing a console. Not going to be any pressure from kids either for xmas as they will just keep playing fortnite on the last generation, until fortnite 2 comes out.


probably won’t be a 3090 ti as they said the 3080 was the flagship of this set of gpus while the 3090 is more akin to the “titan’s” of past gens which never received better versions, I’m not saying it’s impossible but if they stick to their ways then 3090 at launch will be the best it will be until next gen

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RTX 3090 = $1500
RTX 3080 = $700
RTX 3070 = $500

NVIDIA also says that the RTX 3070 will beat the RTX 2080 Ti ($1000)

Xbox Series X = $499
Xbox Series S - $299

I might trade my Xbox One X in, towards the Series X. Undecided.