Get rid of red omen

Why is that even in the game? Remove it.


I’ll get right on it boss


I’ll help out @ll_R_E_D_l as well. It’s a two man operation.


Get rid of red

Fixed it for you :rofl:


That escalated quickly.

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Good, escalation normally takes too long :grin:


I see what you did there.



I mean, that was an hour ago, the fullscreen omen is still in game

Guys gota go

Can’t be trusted

are you talking about the health red omen.

yeah that is really hard on us old dudes…

I can not see anything once i take a few hits.

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Oh another get rid of the new Omen topic. Hello 21th century

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How else will it get removed if it isn’t spammed to death. The fact that they thought it was a good idea already let us know TC has no idead what they are doing.


I’d like to highlight the FACT that on my big expensive TV with HDR 4k etc etc bla bla bla

The omen really isn’t that bad, I can see through it even when quite hurt rather well still.


on my not so expensive (sh*t monitor) I can hardly see a thing with mild dmg


Advantage for better mon/tv’s is unfair

I’d bet many arn’t even aware of the difference and on this ground alone it should be reverted


Get rid of the new omen and while they at might as well bin the rest because that’s where garbage belongs in the f…king bin.

Apparently we dont complain enough to justify getting rid of it, but yet we are cry babies because we complain about other stuff too much?


Am I the only one who got used with the new omen?

Actually, I never care about it,


I’ve been pretty vocal about the omen in several topics. It’s just so bad. It obscures vision, it’s unneeded, it’s too opaque, it doesn’t help with health or other damage types. It’s a hindrance to most weapon duels and most of the time I’m fighting the screen more than I’m fighting the other player. There was nothing wrong with the old omen and obstructing vision on a game like this is not a good thing.
Also, anything that obstructs player vision to this degree is a bad design choice in general.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Red/green colourblind players are shafted by the current anti-omen.
I see basically nothing, then my screens an unreadable mess. This is not good.


As a design choice, it sucks. Can’t really argue a damage indicator system that obscures your vision (not completely, sure, but enough to cause an unnecessary level of blindness) combined with stopping power that makes your ability to see your immediate surroundings much more important, is in any way a good concept.

I get it, people are tired of hearing about it. I kinda am too. But I will still agree with it being an objectively bad design. It’s just plainly unneeded. It serves no purpose. I understood the screen obscuring with the Ink Grenade, it made sense…but this isn’t a weapon effect, it’s not a gameplay element, it’s not meant to be one…it’s a freaking health bar


It’s not even a omen is it. It’s just a red horrifically horrible screen.

Like when you’re on your computer and the dreaded blue screen pops up… no one wants to see it.

If it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it.