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They need to get rid of these stupid map specific
daily challenges. I’ve played over 4 damn hours of crappy ■■■ connection multiplayer matches today (which is and of itself an entirely different problem which still hasn’t been worked out with advantage for some reason still going to the player with the higher ping which makes total sense…not really) and roughly 1.5hrs last night and not once was foundation an optional choice in any rotation not to mention even if it had have been it would still have needed to get the majority vote to be selected. Tbf I don’t really need the stars from it as I’ve got more than enough time left to get the remaining stars I need to make it the last two ranks to general but it’s still ■■■■■■■ annoying that they would even do that as it’s something that is entirely dependant on luck in the first place. Dailies shouldn’t be based on luck they should be based on skill or grind. Either allow us to get them in private lobbies like with the horde and escape challenges or get rid of them altogether.

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I didn’t read this wall but “Win a Match on ____” is my least favorite of challenges. But I’m done with the TOD so eh. I made it.

If you read the wall you’d have noticed I make mention of that towards the end LoL.

Oh yeah, most of the time I ended up re-rolling these bounties and had the map show up on rotations on my very next match.

Met with “Why game?”

Still annoys me. Bounties are perfect in For Honor compared to this.

“Execute 3 enemies in X Gamemode.”
“Earn 600 points in X Gamemode.”

More like Gears 4’s bounties, which could be completed much easier. Not to mention you could choose them, not get them by the luck of the draw.