Get rid of ban and suspension times

Get rid of the ban and suspension times, it’s ridiculous… I’ve been suspended twice now once for losing internet connection and the other time was just for losing connection to the match

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  • Removing it will lead to quitters which in turn will lead to people flooding on forums complaining they got deranked / lost because people quit.

  • Only promoting quitting behaviour and those people get away unpunished

What they should do is fix the issue that is causing disconnects from matches. As for connection, the game does give you an option to join back. If you know that you unstable internet connection then you shouldnt be playing ranked.


Hi Dark

The issue is sometimes when people try to join back they still can’t join because it says game session no longer exists. And then the ban gets in.

Forget about the internet connection what about the servers that are junk that are causing players to drop out? I agree getting rid of the quit penalties is a bad idea but the system they have now is not the answer.

let people quit and add a random instead of banning people.

this thing their doing now isn’t working. when legit people are getting bans from lobby dissolves that are out of the players hands it’s unfair and show poor respect for a players time.

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