Get kills with grenades challenge(One problem with this)

I guessing they mean frag grenade,well i so rarely find them,it would take who knows how long to finish this kind of challange,why are frags grenades so rare or do you have to do or play specific modes or chars to find them?

Do it in Horde. Play as Marcus or JD and buy them from the Fabricator. It’s easy


They are a pickup in every vs map. So not that rare. As soon as the game loads just rush straight to them and get them. You may have to win a gunfight to get them depending which map it is.


Do it as JD. Check my JD guide -it will explain why. :slight_smile:

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Escape, the Mines, solo. Grenade room on the right hand path. multiple(4-5) packs of Juvies will spawn on this run.

Start–> take right path–> take right decontamination room–>end

Good to know,btw does the lancer GL grenade also work for this challenge or can it only be a throw one?

The Freedom Lancer’s Liberation Missiles do not count for either gernade or explosive weapon kills.

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Sarah Connor on horde, 7 frag grenades every time from the box, just keep spamming nades beside the box like a nut I did 250 nades in less then 3 hours.

I did the challenge on escape mines in 30 minutes

There are youtube videos on how

Definitely Escape or Horde as some of the others have pointed out - otherwise, if you are a strictly PvP MP guy, either Icebound or Bunker on KOTH are your best bet as there are 2 grenade spawns on those maps. Just have to get there before your teammates.

Incends work too. Icebound is great, 1 set of frags, 2 sets of incends :wink:

Escape is fairly easy you can still play the Hive and pick up Frags early on and save them until the end and hit some Juvie kills while you’re at it. Outside of that I’d recommend Sarah Conner if you have her she can buy them from the fabricator and has a larger radius than the other choices you could use. Larger radius takes guess work out of the equation and bleed doesn’t count as a grenade kill so JD whilst he does have higher capacity doesn’t have any applicable boosts to increase their efficacy like Sarah Conner does. When you get setup you can use the crates to refill grenades in horde as long as you keep 1 in your inventory saving on your drain to the fabricator energy so you aren’t taking away from the engineer at a certain point most teams stop needing the ammo crates so they’re usually free game around wave 15-20 ofcourse you could always play on a low difficulty mode to increase the ease of getting the kills but that impedes other progresses.

or go to arcade and pick marcus he gets them from 4 points and on thats how i do it quick if i dont feel to rush on them in rank.