Get Gilded Raam back

I personally think they’ve left unscrappable things in the game solely for situations like this. They don’t want people accidentally scrapping rare/hard earned things then running to them every two seconds to restore it for them.

With that in mind, I assume the challenge skins being scrappable was probably an oversight they never bother(ed) to rectify?

Or another theory, things like ranked skins were/are unscrappable because you can in theory earn a lot of them and they didn’t/don’t want to ever give us an “easy” way to get scrap because that directly cuts into profits.

i just hope that Gears 5 acknowledges the achievement so that i get Gilded Raam in gears 5. if getting him in gears 5 is based on him being in my inventory ill be pretty upset.

Gilded RAAM should atleast be obtained with scrap for those who dont want him or like you scrapped him by accident.

Anything unlocked or obtained should be craftable to that profile. Something like that just makes sense.


Logic tells me you should have him in gow5 regardless due to the achievement being unlocked on your account however who knows if they considered this. They could have made him playable as a character in Gears4 as well as a transferable. Notice though that the camp skins that you get cannot be destroyed and those carry over so it may be one in the same on that front.

I personally want to destroy it just for the scrap however I also don’t want to risk losing him in Gears5 despite me more than likely not using him and he becoming a purchasable character in the future

Yeah I’m hoping it’s achievement based aswell. Thanks for your insight!