Get Gilded Raam back

Hey guys,

I accidentally destroyed the Gilded Raam from the achieve…is there any wat to get him back? and will I lose him in gears 5 even tho I have the achievement completed?

please let me know if I can get him back and if it still counts towards gears 5!


He has to be in your inventory to activate in gears 5. Also can’t be crafted. Damn that sucks dude. Sorry to hear it. Curious. How did you mistake him for something you wanted to scrap?

I dunno. Maybe the character is linked to the challenge status rather than the inventory? So it could be that the RAAM skin will appear in your GOW5 inventory automatically as long as the challenge status’ are complete, and you’re online. I would tweet TC about this. Or ask the question on the next Developer’s Stream (usually on Thursdays).

How can you accidentally destroy a card when it prompts you twice before it’s destroyed. Well it sucks to be you. You won’t be getting it back. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Why’d you bother commenting


Wait, you can scrap the Raam?

If I were TC I’d leave certain things unscrappable. I know some people cry about it but this sort of thing seems to happen a lot.

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Classic Golden Gear too.

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Oh shoot. I had no idea…

Yeah I hope TC can give him back, or st least let Gears 5 recognize the achievement and I can get him in gears 5 still.

Why tf can we scrap Gilded RAAM but not any of those dumb cheetah drones? Or Ruby Scion? Like I seriously don’t see the consistency here. Is special event stuff scrapable or not???

But to answer your question:

  • No TC won’t fix it for you. Frankly it’s not a big enough concern for them.
  • Yes you’ll probably still get it Gears 5, despite having scrapped it now. They probably tie it to your achievement, not your Gears 4 inventory (unless they really botch it).
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Same with viewership skins.

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They never said you couldn’t scrap him in this game. I’m certain you’ll be fine, it also wouldn’t make sense for the server to check your inventory of Gears 4 to determine if a skin unlocks in Gears 5, it’s most certainly tied to your achievement.

just make sure you don’t scrap him in Gears 5.

I would bring it to the attention of TC. Typically event skins and one time only skins that can’t be bought or crafted also can’t be scrapped. So I think this might actually be a bug/ accident on their part. I just checked on some of my event skins and noticed that the Lucky skins can’t be scrapped but Cupids Torque Bow can be.

How do I get in contact with TC?

Posts in the help section seems to get more attention than anywhere else.

TC are apparently more active on Twitter too, so try I’d suggesting trying that.


That’s actually pretty ridiculous and I really don’t understand why TC doesn’t have “exclusive” items have the ability to be re-crafted for Legendary scrap prices if you ever want them again like the Blacksteel Skins/Emblems or limited time event skins, seems counter-intuitive to even have a scrap option in the first place.

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that’s where i’m confused, because cerain things like the gold, onyx, and diamond skins are not scrappable, and i know i have a few more unscrappable things too, so why would raam be?