Get Debra Wilson on the phone right now and schedule a recording session to get a new, non-terrible sound bite for Casan's Laugh expression

It’s not about having thicker skin. We aren’t angry that they’re taunting in the same way we get mad when someone humps. We’re angry at how generally obnoxious emote spamming is. It’s a lot worse than someone humping you when you’re down, especially if you can crawl to the hill before it happens.

I just wish she did a better job with Casan. Though I’m guessing that TC had her act obnoxious. I know that acting direction or whatever is a thing.

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You know what’s funny? Her 2 or so quiet voice lines are not bad. Though I can only remember one of them. “I love that sound.”

Quiet, but still emotive. If Casan was more of the quiet type, I wouldn’t have a problem, lol.


Well that explains why I was confused when someone was using Mikayla in a Horde run but I was thinking the voice sounded familiar.

Me neither.


That reminds me there was a different Gear at the end of the main Campign that for some reason you could try to keep alive(easier said than done with the suicidal AI) and had a different name in the subtitles while not sounding obnoxious. I was wondering if TC would/could have brought that one over to the MP for a COG Gear variant because lord have mercy I cannot stand Casan at all.


She died every time I did that mission. Isn’t she the one who sounds a little bored, then cranks it to 100 when she gets angry? lol

Pvt. Steff I think it was.

Well I didn’t notice any particular changes to the voicing of said Gear but you are right on the name. For some reason I managed to save the AI from killing itself all the way on Insane, albeit with several tries because god darn that AI is almost as suicidal as the Horde bots.

Still a better voice than Casan. I wasn’t immediately annoyed by hearing it. I have a recording somewhere but cba to dig it up right now.


I just played that part of the campaign. I was confusing Steff with a nameless Gear.

They have similar voices, but the nameless Gear is the one who sounds a bit bored, and is the one who tries to revive teammates.

I’m at the part where you regroup with Marcus. Coulda sworn I saw Steff in the subtitles, but only one nameless Gear is with us.

Okay. Steff was in the truck. Alright. Yeah, her voice is better.

And oddly enough that line is in Casan’s voice but none of the others are. I always wondered what was behind this one off Gear you can keep to the end with you(there is two when you get to Marcus and Steff is invincible in that fight until you move on, but the other Gear always seems to have died to something) with its own voice actor and such. Never got any answer from anyone at TC but that was to be expected.


On this we agree.

Bruh, she died with Stim on. How do you save her? lol

I’m not sure, during the encounter with the Flock and Cardier I kept using both the stim and cloak to make sure the AI wouldn’t suicide to anything with all the enemies it throws at you. I eventually just succeeded and got it all the way to the wall and did not have it die(oddly enough when you go on the wall the Gear stays behind down there until it teleports on top with you once the Kraken appears, I was just praying it wouldn’t get killed during the cutscene and it didn’t). No effect on the ending cutscene though, it seemed.

Since I tend to be not inclined to play the opposide sex (Except Kait and Anya, I mean come on guys)
Is it that bad ?

You paid attention to that…admirable :wink:

They say my attention to detail sometimes goes to areas most others would not pay attention to.

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Dizzys laugh was funny the first time, now it’s like hearing a drunken hobo hopped up on heroin laughing at the absurdity of what his life has become.


I personally think the emotes are really funny until someone starts spamming them. I don’t play 50 waves of horde often, but I can imagine 3 hours of emote spamming would be horrible.

Anyway, I think the best solution would be if you muted someone, it would also mute their emotes. That’s the best idea I have.


I now use Casan in friends lobbies and spam the laugh, just to make the game somewhat interesting for me.

Should really play another game but you know how it is with gears…


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