Get Debra Wilson on the phone right now and schedule a recording session to get a new, non-terrible sound bite for Casan's Laugh expression

Casan’s current Laugh line can be replaced with silence until that’s done


Seriously, the spamming of that laugh infuriates me tbh.


Host your own lobbies, give spammers 1 ( one ) warning and if they don’t oblige they recieve a one way ticket to the main menu.


Casan isn’t even the worst anymore, now it’s any carmine goofy laugh or other goofy line=kick or quit


Most characters have lines that could be easily abused. Carmines in general also attract a huge chunk of the idiots. I just don’t understand what people gain by doing this or what their thought process is. No one thinks it’s funny.

On a somewhat related note: Dana actually defended Emote-spam in one of the dev-streams. It’s exactly what you would expect from his “personality”.


Best title of the year so far

It would be splendid if TC did more to prevent expression spamming, like maybe only allowing 3 uses before being put on cooldown. Oh, and extend that from 10 to 30 seconds.

Sadly though, Dana thinks players who spam expressions and emotes aren’t a problem. In fact he thinks it’s hilarious!


Any expression can become annoying if spammed, it’s true, but Casan’s laugh has the dubious distinction of being annoying and grating on the first hearing, without having to spam it at all.


Mark, is there something you want to say?

Just turn off character voices. The game will become much more enjoyable after that.

Her laughing in general is horrible. You ever heard her headshot laugh? Disgusting.

Part of using a character is hearing their voicelines. Muting dialogue is not a solution.

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It is no worse than Dizzy’s laugh or Marcus’ “tomato” line. And her “you just a chunky lil *****” is far worse. Maybe it is because I rarely play PvP these days, but when my group of PvE players do their emotes we all laugh and enjoy it.


No. Keep her far away from the studio as possible.

I can’t stand any of the damn Onyx Guards, they’re a disgrace to the OG one.



I find this funny actually, but this is not as bad as Private Casan’s laughing emote.


Recast her entirely, huh? I suppose it’s possible; Debra Wilson also does the voice of Mikayla, so it’s not like they’d be cutting her out of the game entirely.

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They really aren’t a problem… Sure they’re annoying but so is humping or trolling of any sort.
A real problem is the state of multiplayer in terms of mechanics and balancing but that’s a separate thread…
Anyway, you can’t keep people from being trolls when they want to be.
Either grow thicker skin or deal with it in your own way whether it be kicking the offender, leaving the game, turning down the volume or playing a different game entirely. It doesn’t require the attention of devs whenever someone gets fed up with other players.

I do think, however, that there should be an option to mute expressions for those that want it.

I know what she’s done. I didn’t say recast, we just don’t need anymore of Casan. Ever.

Unless it’s a canonical horrific and violent death scene.


Amazing bow she can go from a terrible character (Casan) to someone who’s bearable (Mikayla).

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That’s acting for you