Get 10 eliminations as... cog soldier?

image Just updated gears 5 for today. Logged in and my tour of duty says to get 10 eliminations as Cog Soldier or swarm drone. I checked and they haven’t added cog soldier to the roster, how do I unlock Cog Soldier? Unless it’s glitched but tried it with Marcus, JD, Kait who I think it was one of those before but it’s still not working.


Thats messed up, I would just reroll as they definitely won’t address this today.

There was an image leaked from E3, that appeared to show a generic COG soldier on the character screen. I wonder if that’s one of the imminent characters they are adding, and this challenge accidentally slipped through.

FYI - that screen also showed Paduk and Lizzie Carmine.

I got two of those challenges in my daily. Have not seen any new character yet though

Days before Gears 5 released and people got their hands on it early there was a pic of one of the start up welcome messages saying COG Gear, Deebee and Warden were to be added in October. I actually saw a Deebee in Arcade today somehow, but they were on the opposite team (swarm) and I only got added into the match at the last minute so I didn’t get a good look at it or see it in action. Suffice to say the update has broken a few things.


That’s the one!