General Raam as a horde boss

I would really like to see Genaral Ram as a horde boss. I think it would be awesome!


Horde needs a map editor similar to Escape. It also needs a very expansive enemy and boss list. No reason we shouldnt be able to fight enemies from the previous gears games.


Well the game is only just been released. But I’m hopeful for future updates and content drops.

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Speaking of General Raam, I loved the campaign but I felt the last few gears games lacked any real antagonist. I remember how bad ■■■ Ganeral Raam was and he was terrifying as a villian. This run of gears seems lacking in that department. I’d like to see some real developed bosses in the swarm hierarchy. I mean sure there is the queen but there are no special type locusts like there was in gears 1 .


it’s sad that what you say is true. Gears 1 had General Ram. Gears 2 had skorge. Skorge wasn’t as bad ■■■ as Ram but I thought he was pretty cool. And gears 3 had the Queen. But yeah it does lack in the department.


It would be awesome if he returned to horde,nice idea OP.

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RAAM was a good villain. I can picture him being added to horde if they really wanted too. Have him walking around with a troika and surronded by Krill. The boss wave starts and the sky darkens that would be an “OH ■■■■!” moment.

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I really am hoping for this to happen. It would be so good to fight Ram in horde!


If not Raam himself, a beefed up Scion as a 5-wave boss. Gets a retinue of scions and elites that follow him around.

Definitely needs a much more expansive map list. Extended enemy/boss content could come in the form of classic Locust with the above RAAM-style mini boss and Corpsers etc. Lot to ask for but it’s a cool idea.

Better yet, an inverted Horde mode where you play as Swarm. The groundwork is already laid down for it.

RAAM and an entourage of theron guard >.>


Map created will be coming to horde and vs forsure they have stated this many times

If they can put Sarah Connor into gears then surely they can put Raam in horde


I can only see General Raam being a wave 50 boss sort of a “finale” type of thing depending on what difficulty you’re on the harder it gets to eliminate him. If he gets added into the game i’d like to see most of the similar features he had such as the kyrll and the turret for his weapon.

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That would be awesome


Yes yes yes! What horde needs is more enemies! Please TC, I know you love the swarm but bring back the diverse locust into horde! The corpses, reavers, centipedes, bloodmounts, MAULERS(absolutely amazing enemies) and most definitely add BOSSES! Ram, skorge, karn on his beast, and myrah on hers! I mean c’mon that will boost the hell out of horde intensity and you know fans would love it. And maybe make boss waves every 5 waves.

I know yall wont add the locust no matter how much its requested so maybe just try :

Make another scion into a Mauler with a shield and mace (so badass)
Add some kind of swarm beast rider
Add a flying swarm beast similar to the reaver
Remove normal deebees, kinda boring…still
Turn up juvies to the max. There should be a ton every round
Intense Weather Effects on certain rounds would dope! (Windflare on bunker, sandstorm on vasgar, blizzard(bigger one) on icebound and maybe a lights out super dark asylum.

So basically just add more creative enemies and map changes to mix things up

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Maulers were great. Would love to see again. I feel like their boomshield would be much better than the current iteration of the forcefield bastions make.

Hell, just make the occasional drone grenadier rock one and a boltok.

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Yeah that would be cool.

-Have RAAM
-Give him a Troika with plating

Select Beginner Mode