General Karn Illustration colored

Here’s the colored version, I tried to post this in the other thread I started but it wouldn’t allow me to…


Sweet dude!

Your work is amazing as always! I think I might’ve found a new profile picture thanks to you! Have you ever considered making a patreon?


Needs to be a playable character!

Thank you very much, I will have to look into that, for now I just have my Facebook page, I’ll see if I can get you’re requests done soon…I think he would work in multiplayer if th took off the back pieces of his armor.

No problem man, they wouldn’t have to take off his crest pieces they would just have to scale it down like palace guard.

Monstrously beautiful, as always!

Are you still coloring with a mouse or trackpad? (not sure which you used to use)

Hey Wisdom, long time! I have a Wacom tablet now, just a basic one, I bounce back and forth between the mouse and the tablet…and Thanks!

Marcus Fenix sketch…