Gee who could wonder why 343 would do this 🤔


Guess The Coalition missed this memo. Just like many other things.

Liiks like 343 actually cares about how their game is played.


they probably just didn’t have the knowledge on how to get it done.
some people say that this doesn’t actually disable input, just that the search will prefer controller > mkb, and you’re more likely to match up against controllers, but kbm won’t be impossible to find.


I bet its because Halo is Microsofts flagship game.

And they won’t tarnish its reputation buy allowing input crossplay.


And for the thousandth time, Gears does not have the player base to do this


They don’t wanna hear the truth.


Who cares. G5 launched with a crossplay toggle. People kept leaving and leaving because the game kept changing. Had they made a better game the PC frauds wouldn’t have to complain about not finding a match. Why do PC people even play Gears ? Like your on PC go qualify for the counter strike championships or something


Clearly PC players.


So just because someone is on PC, they aren’t allowed to want to play Gears?

Also, OP’s post has nothing to do with playing on PC………….


Correctumundo.Imput crossplay is the topic at hand.

If someone is on PC is using controller against another controller on console, then who yaa let’s play a game. Also vise versa if m&k is playing against someone with m&k on console then who yaa let’s play that game too.

If these two are crossed, the game suffers in the long run. And I believe 343 gets that.

So low player count; id wager is due to these long term poor choices by TC. And epecially around this topic.

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I’m just saying. There was a time where PC people could easily find matches when we had a toggle on. They kept messing with and changing the game so in turn people left. Thinning out the community. Everyone deserves to play but tell TC to make a better more consistent game that way it won’t have to come to forced crossplay again. The last thing was a half joke. Play whatever you want, but I mean you got a PC probably a MnK player and your first thought is to come on dead Gears 5 and fraud people out ? Lol take that laser beam aiming to valorant.



Implementing it now will most likely kill the PvP in 5 for good though, but it should be there for 6 at launch, IMO.
I wonder if they can properly detect those MKB adapters that simulate a controller, which were popular before the native support we have now.

If they made a good game then it would have a big player base again like the 360 days


They actually did say just that in a dev stream way back - they couldn’t figure out how to do input-based matchmaking. It’s pathetic

Don’t make excuses for TC’s incompetence.

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Blah blah blah, I’ll play whoever on whatever and enjoy my beer at the same time.


I can only agree about the beer in this statement.

Cheers brother :beers:


They were testing mixed parties during the flight. It was miserable. KBM trolls ruined the second flight

Ill say it all day long, KB&M isn’t just an instant win for anyone using it. Its still based off how good you are.


As a controller use, cry more about kbm