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Aside from the pinned threads, these are the ones currently at the top:

I count 1 “negative” thread. If we count yours for being negative towards people giving their criticisms, that makes 2. It’s not as bad as some of you make it out to be… Plus, forums exist so that people may discuss the game as they see fit, positive or negative be damned.


The sub is overwhelmingly negative. After a week of posting there, I tapped out. As negative as it is here, it’s worse there. I don’t know if you’re a mod there or something, but you trying to drive traffic there seems suspect at best.


The solution… playing Borderlands 3 because this is Borderlands!



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To OP’s point, I truly hope that TC totally ignores most of the comments here, specifically the tuning of weapons and movements. I have to believe most commenters that go " I’ve been playing Gears since Gears 1 I demand you fix/change XYZ" , these people i have to guess are in a small vocal minority. I say that because I’m already seeing lots of players with a ranking of 75 or better and the game has only been available for little over a week. If things were as bad as people claim people would be doing what they did with Battlefield 5 and simply leave the game. I played arcade yesterday and it seemed fine to me.

Uninstall then, this is the best gears yet can’t wait for the updates. Great job TC, it’s runs smooth as silk, and I’m having loads of fun

Odd place to hang out then. Are you lonely? You may be looking for “Grindr”, not “Grinder”.

I am one of those people that have a problem with the weapon tuning, but I have reuped twice…Why? Because I love Gears with all my heart and I keep hoping it will get fixed. Just in case it does,I keep trying to get the rewards currently in tour of duty. If the weapon balance doesn’t get fixed I will stop playing the online. I don’t state that as a threat or with malice just as a fact and im sure that will happen with a lot more players than just me.

Judging by how long Gears has been around and how it’s core gameplay has always been, I would say the majority of people want the guns to be rebalanced. Every game franchise has it’s style of play. I don’t really like COD because of certain gameplay mechanics and that’s why I don’t buy it. Even still if they changed the mechanics to a way that the major fanbase didn’t like it would be stupid. Yes, they might gain new players, but that will be temporary and they’ll lose all of the main fanbase…That’s what happened to judgment.

I read than same statement dozens and dozens of times when 4 came out.

Here’s the ugly truth: core fanbases cannot sustain massive Triple-A properties. This applies to all forms of media. You don’t get the big budget, mainstream action blockbusters without the casuals. They make the overwhelming majority of the profit. The core base is meaningless unless you’re a niche franchise with a small budget.

and that’s why the ranking system was so broken in 4…a lot of people stopped playing it. You had to set in a lobby with a “under 2 min” search time for practically 10 mins to find a lobby and then you ended up in a lobby with bronze, silver, and diamond rank players because they had to keep expanding the allowed skill level to fill the lobbies. I remember having two bronzes on my team once and we fought an entire team of Diamonds…

Anyways, i’ve said it a ton in other threads I don’t mind a bigger presence from the Lancer, but right now it’s too powerful. It should be able to suppress and offer support. If they want to do casual multiplayer or do a “Power Lancer” game type where it embraces this style of play be my guest, but the ranked play should be what the core gameplay has always been about.

Also, I just want to take a moment to say that I saw someone says it was shooting with the same bullet damage as 4. If that’s true then the problem is the stopping power and/or the current map design. I would actually like them to put in something like gridlock just to see if it remains the same camp fest as these new maps.

EDIT: Also, my point wasn’t that casuals shouldn’t play the game just that they’ll play it for a far shorter time.

I deleted my Reddit account because the only thing that gets any exposure there is what the people want to hear. No thanks.