Gearsviking said, he will priorize fun over lore justifications

…which i agree. Yet Digger, Gorgon and all other weapons got removed because of lore justifications… in a game where 3x Marcusses fight along with Minh and zombie carmine against swarm and locusts mixed in a closed arena… i think you get the point. Give us our beloved weapons back in Versus because they tend to the fun side of things and not loretype of treatment. especially the digger and mortar would mix up the gameplay.


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I thought Gorgon, Scorcher, Digger and Sawed-Off were fun weapons, yet removed. :neutral_face:

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Well, that’s a blatant lie, considering how long it took for TC to priortize Locust (the ones that people actually like) over Swarm.

And all of those weapons have been effectively replaced by weapons with better functionality competitively. There’s little chance of them ever seeing the light of day with TC’s competitive focus.

i agree that dropshot beats the digger in clean cirumstances outdoors, yet the digger is much more usable in other areas. adding the digger would complement the arsenal instead of bloating it. i cant see a replacement for gorgon, scorcher and mortar…

Why not just create new weapons with the same functionality? Trackers are just Tickers after all.

Or you could provide a simple explanation why old weapons are suddenly available again. Example: we don’t have mortars now because they became too scarce following the Locust War. With the Swarm on the rise, the New COG decides to commission their production once more.

Gameplay and Lore don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

Digger - Dropshot
Gorgon - Enforcer
Mortar - Nothing (not every gun needs to make every game in a series lol)

100% over saturated if they bring a bunch of weapons back. Every weapon in a game should serve a purpose and Digger and Drop serve the exact same purpose so only 1 is need and Dropshot makes more sense in the current universe. Yes they could replace the Dropshot for the Digger but then people who are new and play campaign and then go to Multiplayer will have 0 idea what the Digger is and they probably want to get a Dropshot cause they used it in the campaign

With a meatshield or Boomshield, the Gorgon Pistol or SMG is superior to Snub and Boltok in close quarters due to its sheer high fire power and magazine capacity.
It can even mow down a Gnasher user if aimed perfectly active to the head.
I don’t see what has replaced the Scorcher with better functionality, barely anything can replace a constant high-damage flamethrower.
The Digger hasn’t actually been completely replaced by Dropshot, both works different ways.
It never occured to me in Gears of War 3 that Digger dealt more Damage than Boomshot, and Dropshot does deal more Damage.
Areas on the Map where a player is under the enemy, the player can aim Digger upward and fire into the ceiling, killing the enemy on floor above.
Dropshot and Diggers are both used differently, but I’m gonna guess there might be a limit to how many weapons there can be on Gears of War Maps. :neutral_face:
Sawed Off, the only Shotgun that could really multi-kill, that was its best feature and still Gnasher and Overkill cannot do this.

I remember the Enforcer being called a replacement for Gorgon SMG.
In a way, that is kinda true since it fires wide spread and better in close quarters.
The only difference was that one is starting weapon SMG, and other was a Pistol slot/SMG.
There’s not really a replace for Mortar, neither Hammer of Dawn or One Shot.
But it irks me how TC decided to introduce Tri-Shot Chaingun which is a very similar to Mulcher.

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To be fair the sawed off was probably kept out of 4 because of how hated it was in 3 as it was seen as a crutch weapon.

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It’s not really crutch weapon.
Take into account its drawbacks.
Every weapon in the game has disadvantages, just gotta play to the pros and cover up weakness.
Sawed off was one shot per long reload, or two shots in Judgment.
It was more of a fire and flee weapon, and wide spread compensates to make it worth it.
The Gnasher, you see people complaining how it’s overpowered, mid range or even the joke of a sniper range killing a mile away (lol).
It’s a solid inferior weapon when competing at mid range, versus careful Gnasher user.

I really do think scorcher and mortar should come back for sure, maybe even the One Shot

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oh yeah, the one shot, yeah man.