GearStories: The Carmine Crew - S1 F1 (NOT FINISHED)

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If you have a GearStory email it to me and I’ll post it! But these are just my stories so far.

This weeks GearStory is on “The Carmine Crew”, a story I made, based on something that happened to me.

The Carmine Crew - S1 F1
Today I was playing Gears 5, and after a few rounds of FFA I seriously needed a break.
Lately these “Wallbounce and Chill” type servers are popping up everywhere, and it’s taking up the whole “Custom Online” page. Most of these “Wallbounce and Chill” servers are on the Factory map.

I decided to play it, and spawned in as a locust. My skin was a Locust Disciple, a skin I thought was pretty cool. I was practicing my wall bouncing, when a random Carmine comes up to me with a Gnasher and decides to shoot me. Now it didn’t immediately kill me, it just downed me, so he executed me. Before he executed me 3 other Carmines came up to him, which surprised me.


Not accurate, there were only four. XD

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