Gearsports Five

Does anyone actually actively care about the esport scene for 5? I seriously can’t watch it because it feels like there’s a disconnect between the “”“professionals”"" and the regular playerbase.
Something about the esports scene just, it’s weird that I can’t really write it out without sounding like a schizophrenic crackhead

I can’t relate to the players, there’s nothing to latch onto and they’re all just interchangeable imo

Esports is boring and most people only watch for the skins


I regularly tune in to watch a match or two, the skins are just a bonus.

I’ll watch either for skins (muted/background) or if there are two top teams playing. Esports used to be really fun prior to GOW4/escalation, and might improve if TC can swallow their pride and sub out that mode for Gridiron. The few gridiron tournaments so far have been fun and a lot more watchable than esc.

Also some juicy match fixing drama going on right now.


I find Gears 5 boring compared to Gears 4. The strats are similar map on map (as predictable as it was, Dam was a fun map to watch on Gears 4). Players took more risks in centre line weapon spawns. Nowadays you don’t see many weapons placed on centre line.

I actually enjoyed Gears 4 esports. Maybe its because Gears 4 was a fast-paced game with smooth movement compared to Gears 5, its a little easier on the eye.

Plus, timezones really mess with me living in the UK. If there is a LA/ west coast major I’m almost guaranteed to miss it. It was the same in Gears 4.

no man I don’t I think so… however only @Mark36111 cares about esports… he is the only one that I know that watch such events.

I rather watch Sesame Street being honest… I wouldn’t learn anything from Esports at all… there’s nothing to learn there.

Escalation is boring to play never mind watch, therefore eSports is just tedious beyond measure.

Blitz would be a far better choice.


Not to mention that almost all community pro’s really REALLY hate watching esports.

they watch " PREDATOR " or " Demolition man " on SCI-FI

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Haha two fantastic films. Arnold, Sylvester & Wesley :+1:

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