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GearsPop first Gameplay revealed!

(Teady Bearz) #21

I was hoping for gears 5 on my phone, but now i just want gears pop on my xbox.

(l Ar Ci l) #22

I was hoping for something better , I don’t think much players are gonna be picking up the game.
Looks like the type of mobile game you play once and then gets deleted, Yeah! It’s free to play but we all know how microtransactions work. So I think I pass.

(Krylon Blue) #23

I’m a Gearshead and I can’t even see myself downloading this at all. But I’ve also never been into mobile games and choose to listen to music, surf the web or watch YouTube on the go instead.

(Duffman GB) #24

Could Gears 1 “fit” on a modern phone now ? Would have been better doing that.
We all know this is purely a money move, which is fine for them I suppose, but like you guys have said I’m unsure who the target demographic for this is.
Gears Is generally too niche for the casual player and from what I have read, we who ARE the market are very unimpressed.

(Carpus Fenix) #25

Quite looking forward to this. It’ll depend on the business model that they use for me to try it out. But for a mobile game. A few minutes of PVP fun is refreshing to see.

(cribbel) #26

Maybe a tower defence version of horde or something. With actual story and lore. Where you can play as both sides. I mean theres so many types of cool games you can do for mobile. I mean in the horde version of Gears 4 you have cards and up grades and everything. Theres so much lost potential.

(NUBinbound) #27

i’m not excited for POP because you damn well know that it is going to be micro transaction city especially if it’s free to play im way more excited for gears tactics because xcom is so good

(Duffman GB) #28

I have a horrible suspicion they will somehow tie some content into Gears 5.

(NUBinbound) #29

probably something like spend x amount of money on POP get this weapon skin or x amount of time for a weapon skin/emblem

(Ocean God OG) #30

Yea this is disappointing. I mean I had zero hope when they made POP figures 3 years ago for gears. So childish.

Like someone else said they could have a game like GoW1 run on a phone now but they stick to this instead.

I’m biased tho, probably ignore G5 because it’ll just be another rainbow fest w/ loot crates and ugly skins.

(CarlosYabrudy) #31

If it is free then it just wants your data to sell it.

(Belkain) #32

I run my bussines through google so it has all the info it could possibly want, I play gears on PC so microsoft gets the left overs.

Privacy on your phone? That’s a thing of the past.


Very disappointing I was hoping for a gears style tps pvp but this is the age we’re living in, guess ill just stick to shadowgun mobile.

(I AM H0LLYWO0D) #34

Dissapointing. I thought it would be a simple cute TPS. Instead it’s a Clash Royale / South Park Phone Destroyer… Without a single player campaign!? I’ll still give it to.

(Ferviid) #35

the game has the same dynamics as clash Royale and I like that

(JGrayBKK YT) #36

The map control aspect of the game does set it apart from Clash, which is a nice breath of fresh air.

Also they have a “Win Streak Box”. normally in these games it is just collect wins, but here they are incentivizing not losing for 5 matches which is fun. You can have draws but a lose cuts you off and you get a lower tier box/crate/pack.

(JGrayBKK YT) #37

Phone destroyer was fun…until the bugs never went away

(lMN here) #38

That’s why you can remove permissions by editing the app with another app, like APK Editor or Lucky Patcher. But you if you’re using a rooted smartphone with Android OS.