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GearsPop first Gameplay revealed!

(DarkChaoz95) #1

@GearsPop just tweeted first look at the upcoming mobile game.

The website also shows some sweet screenshots.

What are people thoughts? Game looks fun and definitely something different. But whether people will enjoy it is another question.


Easy pass for me. Does not seem exciting to me at all.

(Duffman GB) #3

I want to love cause Gears, but not sold on that sales pitch and vid. I never play games on my phone or handhelds, not my thing.

(Asurazu Rasu) #4

So it’s like a mix of clash royale but with a cover system.

If it’s free I’ll get it most likely, just as something to kill time

(Belkain) #5

If its free or dirt cheap I’ll give it a go, not a fan of phone games but it is gears after all.

(Ektope) #6

The gameplay wasn’t what I expected but I’d be sure to give it a try.
After all, it’s gonna be free.
In the FAQ, it mentioned a question about receiving reward in Gears 5 game if played Pop.
“Gears POP! is a standalone Gears experience, but you never know how we may look to enhance the game in the future.”
So there might be bonuses transferable.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #7

Gears fans will dump all over it, because that’s just what they do, but I think it looks like a cool mobile strat game. I try to avoid mobile games because they keep me up all night but I might have to check this one out.

(WaiseWolke17700) #8

I´m not really a big fan of mobile gaming, but this is Gears and some game to kill time on the way to university might be nice. It will be free as far as I know, so no dealbreaker if it isn´t my cup of coffee. I just hope the Microtransactions are not too predatory.

(The Evil Moo) #9

3 things that makes gears gears and doesnt mention gnasher.

(III EnVii III) #10

I honestly thought it would be a very simple TPS -
Fun and easy to play on a mobile.

Damn this concept sucks.

Massive disappointment.

(mizzelphug) #11

I get that TC needs money and exposure to keep the franchise afloat but that’s so far from what makes Gears, Gears that Judgment seems better by comparison.

Don’t take adult rated content and dumb it down to be kid friendly. It sells but weakens the brand. i.e. Every horror, sci-fi, and action movie in the 1980s was turned into a kids cartoon and toyline when it really shouldn’t have. :.cough:.Robocop:.cough:.

(Duffman GB) #12

You might have something there actually, I suppose Gears has been dumbed down somewhat by the skins and some of the characters we have had in 4 already, so it is continuing a trend ?

I was very excited for 3 releases as I want everyone to love Gears like we do OR do I like it being a niche AAA title, well maybe that too.

Tactics should hopefully be more of what we are after. Although I could live without that IF it meant Gears 5 got more love and time, so that it might reach the heights of Gears 3.

…Do you remember when that launched, it was epic (sorry for pun) I would play the awesome campaign in 4 player (I would love 4 player to return) on insane, then play some Horde. Next day Beast and KOTH or maybe co-op with mutators on…I’m tearing up here :wink:

(DeathScythe M01) #13

Not for me, Gears 5 is my primary object.

(CowboySoldier11) #14

Not really into iOS games. If this game was for consoles and was like Most LEGO games, I definitely could have seen some potential.

(cribbel) #15

This is just sad…

(Slipping Flames) #16

I don’t know what they are trying to accomplish with this game. Don’t think it will draw enough Gears fans to be successful very long. Can’t see anyone not a gears fan suddenly becoming one because of the awesome gameplay.

Mission accomplished creating a mobile game. It certainly has the characters and some familiar components. I like mobile gaming, and I’ll try this out at some point. Looks like it will be a massive fail in less than 6 months after release. I can’t imagine spending more than an hour ever on this.


I bet in 6 months they will make a commercial saying “GearsPOP has over 4 million players, Down Load the game and see why” Mean while it has only 50,000

(mizzelphug) #18

Voted Best Game in Ukraine! Everyone owns! Much play!

(Slipping Flames) #19

If they tie skins in Gears 5 to this,…

(Stoic Slab) #20

It’s a mobile spin-off of a existing major gaming franchise, what were you guys expecting?