Gearsmas Jinglejuvies unplayable 2nd year in a row

Hey all,

For the second year in a row, the Jinglejuvies and general christmas events have been unplayable. Can jump into queue but goes nowhere and there are no public games hosted EVER that can be joined.

Is this a regional thing that I may not be aware of? Playing from Aus.
Anyone else had anything similar?

I played 2 times yesterday…no issues …I am in Singapore


What I’ve done is as follows: Create a squad in the social tab with 4 other friends, squad leader clicks Jingle Juvies, Match creates in a few seconds and then you get the class selection screen. Playing in Canada.

It’s not in the custom horde lobby, only public matchmaking.

Could be cause where u stay, best bet is to probably get a friend from EU/US to host
(if u have one) or as said above try making a 5 stack.

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Germany here, the 4 games I played had like a 1 minute wait.
Only on advanced though, not sure about inconceivable